Earliest Written Testimony from Meier-case Witnesses

Below are written testimonies to the reality of Meier's experiences. Unless otherwise stated, they derive from Wendelle Stevens' book Contact from the Pleiades: Preliminary Investigation Report (1982), as supplemented by his Message from the Pleiades, vols. 2 and 3. I thank him for permission to reproduce them here. Stevens collected the statements during the course of his investigations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and had them translated into English. The dozen testimonies come from some nine witnesses, while involving a score of other witnesses, and relate to 10 different events involving Eduard Meier's ongoing ET contacts at that time. A comprehensive list of witnesses, the events they witnessed, dates and other information is given here.

Jacob Bertschinger, 14 March 1976, Re Contact #48:

I was staying the night of 13 to 14 March 1976 in the living room of Eduard Meier, at 8340 Hinwil, ZH CH, Wihaldenstrasse 10, as we talked. It was just 20:00 when Mr. Meier explained to me that we should be ready at midnight, because he had just received a telepathic call from the spaceship pilot Semjase, from the Pleiades, that she would meet him at midnight or a short time later somewhere. Until then we still had about two hours of time, and so we looked at the Western TV "Heibe Grenzen."

Now it was 23:50. My friend [Meier] and I drove my Volkswagen to a point near the contact place, which was situated in upper Zurich, above Bäretswil near Bettswil, not far from the Sunamatteli children's home. At my friend's signal I stopped the car. He stepped out and explained to me, as is always the case, that he is not allowed to take any other person to the actual place of contact with the extraterrestrials. He left me [going] toward the northeast direction, where I could see, at about 200 meters distance, a wooded hill in the shadows of the night.

The night was rather cold, which did not make the waiting pleasant as I stood outside and observed the near and far environment. Time passed and it became 00:40 when I suddenly noticed, in a northerly direction, above the fir tops, an orange-colored light which was stationary, and appeared from nowhere. My first thought was that this could be a house where a light was simply turned on. Then this seemed strange to me, because above the tops of the firs in the middle of the forest there could be no house. This moved me to observe the light still more closely. Still, it was just stationary and silent. But then it began, hardly noticeable at first, to move and slowly to wander over the fir tops. Then it began to move faster and climbed up higher.

Seen from my position, and from my estimate, I observed it for a long time, until it had climbed up to about 200 to 300 meters height, where it slowly changed its dark-yellow color to a deep dark red. When it reached the mentioned height the light stopped for some moments, and then seen, continued moving directly towards me. It approached by a suddenly enormous speed, while the light increased in brilliance. And here again it changed its color, this time into a milky white. Then the sphere of light suddenly stopped at once and stood still, while I waited for whatever it was going to do. I should mention that the luminous object had continuously climbed up higher in its flight, and now moved at 2,000 to 3,000 meters above the ground.

Below the sphere of light, now suddenly, a true rain of sparkles began to fall down, like a gigantic fireworks perhaps 150 to 200 meters long. This appearance was accompanied by extremely loud noises just like shorting electric power cables that continued to short for a long time. Then a loud bang was heard. Then it all began to move backwards just like it started shortly before. The light sphere flew away once more, climbed up higher, and slowly floated away in a northerly direction and entered the high clouds and disappeared.

I was not a little astonished by the events just experienced, this I can assure. Because of the cold, I sat in the car after this experience and thought, now soon my friend would appear, but I waited in vain as 20 minutes later he still was not there. I already began to worry that everything might not be all right. I thought of the opposition Gizeh Intelligence who could have their finger in the matter, which could be very dangerous, even though we always proceeded to these contacts carrying a weapon as recommended by Semjase. [Meier has been shot at more than once.]

Alarmed, I got out of the car and waited another 20 minutes or so, and looked and listened into the night, but there was nothing to be seen or heard. Disturbed, I stared again over to the hill where 30 minutes ago the sphere of light had come from, and there, indeed, once more the ball of light appeared and ascended in the same way. This time I could clearly see that it came up far above the hill ridge and between the clumps of trees. It stood out above the fir tops like it was searching for something, and then turned and flew away eastwards as a red-light sphere. I could easily follow it until it was high up in the clouds and already far to the east, until it disappeared from my sight.

In hopes that my fears about the Gizeh Intelligence would not come true, I sat once more in the car and waited. About 10 minutes later I observed, at about 200 meters distance down the road a small yellow-white light, which moved in a semi-circle left and right. This must surely be my friend, who would give me a sign by lamp. On that I started my car and drove towards the light, and soon recognized Mr. Meier, walking along the street in the darkness. Together we drove home again, and we talked and discussed what we had each seen. To my relief he told me that I would not have to fear, because the two light-spheres had been two spacecraft, as Semjase had this night come together with Quetzal, the Chief of Station. He took care to prepare me a little surprise with his small demonstration, and the burning electrical display was to thank me for having driven my friend to this place of contact. I told my friend the details of all I had seen because he himself had seen nothing of this. When Quetzal offered me this display Mr. Meier was still together with Semjase in her ship, in the clearing, and so witnessed nothing.

I declare these details to be the full truth, and that I have not suffered dreams or hallucinations in this respect.

signed Jacob Bertschinger
Feldstrasse, 9
CH-8330 Pfaffikon/ZH CH
20 April 1976.

Note: Jacob has been a
farmer and chauffeur.




Hans Schutzbach (with Jacob Bertschinger), 27-28 March 1976, Re Contact #49:

I spent the afternoon of Saturday, the 27th of March 1976, at the home of Mr. Meier in Hinwil. Later Mr. Bertschinger was present, too. We sat before the television and looked at a western story. In the middle of the film our host suddenly announced in complete calm (it was 23:50): "Now the telephone has rung." It had been silent already the whole evening. On my question concerning this, his answer was only that Semjase had reached him in his thoughts. In a half hour he would leave the house to meet her. The event seemed to be routine. The only discussion was whether the "Toffil" [motor bike] or the car should be driven. Mr. Meier had suffered a crash the last week and had broken two ribs, and so it would have been better if he would have stopped the motor-bike riding for some time.

Soon we were prepared. Mr. Meier would use the "Töffli" [his moped]. Mr. Bertschinger and I should, on his advice, drive behind him in the VW. So we started out and turned in the direction to Wetzikon. At the half way, Mr. Meier suddenly stopped, turned around and drove past us about 50 meters towards a field path. At the pistol stand, our destination was reached. Get out and wait for whatever might come, I thought to myself. Then Mr. Meier shook his head. It was strange; now the contact with Semjase had stopped, which should not have happened. Anyhow, I assumed this to be in connection with my presence. We may have stood about 10 minutes in the sharp wind, then our leader told us to wait for him and stay behind. Thus, unnoticed by us, the contact had started again. Sitting in the car, the time was passed by observing the region and talking. Some clouds passed over us, otherwise the whole starry splendor sparkled above us in the heavens.

01:25. Eduard Meier was now away a good half hour. Over the wooded hill northeast of us, a great whitish light is rising. Of course we jump out of the car to see this better. Slowly the light climbs higher, until it is about 500 meters above the forest. Here suddenly, at about 1500 meters in distance, a dazzling white fireworks starts, which stops in ten seconds, to begin a bit higher immediately. At this time the light is continuously climbing. A long tail, surely 170 meters long, flows toward the ground, ending in droplets of fire. It is dazzling and gleaming like a magnesium light. The “spook” lasts about one minute, then the light goes out.

When the eye has accommodated itself again to the darkness, we notice that a dark-red pulsating body rises up further on: the origin of the formerly visible apparition. A lighter red forms the frame. The core pulses lighter and darker rhythmically. Without interruption, the object climbs higher, and while doing this, is describing a great curve to the right. Soon it is above the clouds as the color changes to a milky white. The object is surely more than 10,000 meters in the sky by now. It slowly becomes more diffuse, but the even pulsation is nevertheless distinctly visible.

A noise is heard, and indeed, it is Mr. Meier. I do not let myself be distracted from my observation by that. Then when he stands beside me and listens to my comments on the object, the light suddenly turns off and nothing but the stars can be seen. I look at my watch and realize that ten minutes have passed since we started this observation.

The explanation for the initial contact being partly interrupted is given by Mr. Meier. In the spaceship is a kind of technical automatic guiding-beam, which reacts to certain programmed brain-wave patterns. When we drove along the street, the device did not react as it should have, possibly because I was driving. After the turn it became evident that I was accepted in the company of Mr. Meier. The automatic device had interrupted the contact, to leave the further activity to Semjase. In the personal contact, Semjase's question was also about me, and now I can assume that I have become stored in the automatic [device]. Besides this a greeting to me was received with thanks.

Semjase ordered Mr. Meier home early because of his bad state of health. This was the reason the contact had taken so short a time, about which Mr. Meier was not exactly delighted. We returned home and warmed up a bit with coffee. The experience was of course thoroughly discussed. With a sketch, Mr. Meier showed what the ship looked like, because Semjase had arrived in a new type ship. We discussed matters until early morning. I went home and sat at my work table to fix the matter of the experience by word and drawing.

I remembered the place of the occurrence well. When I now searched the place on the street map, I noticed that there were neither houses nor streets in that region.

I have excluded the possibility that this could have been common fireworks for several different reasons. On the one hand, the light apparition was too great and too extensive, and the play lasted far too long. A military light rocket could be excluded as well. Such an object could not rise so high in this way, and the light was different, too.

signed Hans Schutzbach
Riethof 25
CH-8604 Hegnau
[a mile west of Volketswil]
29 March 1976.

Note: Hans was a CPA.




Hans Schutzbach with 5 others, 3-4 April 1976, Re Contact #50:

Last Saturday, 3 April 1976, I was with Mr. Meier in Hinwil. At the same time there was a small group of other people who often meet with him. Since the weather was good, Mr. Meier suggested that we visit some of the places where he had met Semjase during his contacts. He took us to the site of a remarkable occurrence when Semjase flew her spacecraft around an old "weather" fir, which later was found to have damaged the tree. The cosmonaut circled the tree close enough to the trunk to separate the branches as the ship passed through, about 1/5th of the way down from the top. The branches in close contact with the spacecraft withered and began to die. It looked dehydrated and turned brown. Another strange effect noticed was that the upper part of the tree glowed in the dark after this incident.

There was an atmosphere of expectancy in the air. We went back to Hinwil, but the ladies [Margarite Rufer, Amata Stetter, Olga Walder and Marget Flammer], who were always ready to go home, made no move to do so. Instead they brought sandwiches and cookies out of their pockets and prepared to wait, sometimes talking, sometimes watching a Western on TV, and sometimes sleeping in their chair. At about 01:00 the private telephone in Mr. Meier's house rang and that was the signal to depart from the house in 1/2 hour for a contact. Meier got on his Mo-Ped [motor bike] and we followed him in two Volkswagens. We drove to the Natural Forest Preserve southwest of Hinwil. Slowly we drove through the woods and crossed the tracks, then we stopped and got out. Ms. Stetter pointed to the sky in which two large spots of light were moving in a strange way. They could not be airplanes or satellites. They moved back and forth rapidly. Mr. Bertschinger, carefully observing our surroundings, pointed to another light glowing beyond the trees, from the direction we had come. Another car had followed us and seemed to be trying to find where we were. Meier got on his Mo-Ped and told us to follow him, that he had just received new orders. So we returned to the highway near the Sports Stadium and we could see Wetzikon in the distance. We went to the right and down a small trail next to a field. Mr. Meier told us to wait patiently and then he left. He rode without lights in the direction of the wooded hills east of us.

We got very cold in the night wind because we did not have warm enough clothes with us. The night stars were very clear in the dark sky above us. Now we began to see fast moving light points against the background of the stars. Around 02:00, from the direction of Bachtel, a strange light approached, like a streetlight in the air, drifted lower and then disappeared. Normally, at this time of night, there would be no traffic on the road here, but now some cars, driving on the highway turned around and shined their headlights around the landscape, as if they were looking for something. Then they backed slowly up and again swung their headlights all around. Now it began to get really exciting, a round reddish spot of light glided noiselessly over our heads. First we thought it must be an airplane, but the sound was very weak and far away. In about 20 seconds it went out. And then the glow brightened up and dimmed down again in mid flight. Toward the street, all of a sudden, an orange-red "window" came on. It was oversized for a house, and in that direction there was no other structure. This "window" could be seen for about one minute. At 03:30 in the nearby woods, about 1.8 kilometers away, a big light went on. Unbelievably fast we warmed up and our spirits went up. With certainty we know that now is the moment for which we waited so long. Slowly the rotating dark-red nucleus, surrounded by lighter red, went up and made a curve to the left. At about 2 kilometers elevation a Bengal Flare appeared, and a very big red fireball glowed for at least 20 seconds. This was much larger than the original light. Ten seconds later an orange light came on, which was so big and so fast that I feared it would collide with us. This time the light stayed [on] much longer than before, maybe twice as long. Twice the light started to drop down but then ascended to an elevation of about two kilometers, as orange beams flashed, and then ascended very high in the sky. Between the changing colors one could see that the craft was rotating on its vertical axis, and then suddenly the night is dark again as the big light left. One could see a rain of luminous drops falling in its wake, which went out a little above the surface of the ground. The ascending light was not red any more but it seems more white and looked like any other bright star in the sky, and took up a position near Cassiopeia. After altogether 10 minutes it went out completely. In the dim twilight one can see the contours of the landscape.

Now, as we are standing together, another light comes from the direction of the woods, and in a minute it too went out completely and was gone. About the same time we hear the noise of the Mo-Ped and Mr. Meier returns. How strange he looks. He was mussed up and out of breath. He had had an accident with the Mo-Ped and had hurt his shoulder and back and leg, which were hurting him. He wanted to go home immediately, but not in a car, as we tried to persuade him. He said to go home normally and don't worry about him, which we did.

In front of his house we had to wait 15 minutes for him to return, which was strange because it was such a short trip. When he arrived, he said he had made a little detour. The ladies said goodnight and we three men looked at his damaged Mo-Ped. Then we went into his living room for some good warm coffee. And now Mr. Meier told us the truth. He said that somebody was following him and he cut through the woods to get away. When he came up out of the woods onto the next street a car immediately showed up, a Volkswagen with a rotating antenna on top of the roof and two men in it. It swept the area with its headlights and then dropped away. He barely managed to remain undetected. We reminded him that he should walk and leave the Mo-Ped, that riding in his condition was no good. He said that as he was riding through the woods, down a slope, he hit a ditch in the dark and was thrown off the Mo-Ped. He managed to take the brunt of the fall on his shoulder but he still got hurt. As he was in the woods the auto with the antenna on the roof came again. Also, after he got up on the highway it followed him and he cut back into the woods and pulled up behind a house. There were also two other cars in the searching party when he detoured to hide behind the house. The lead car stopped on the intersection and swung its headlight beams all around. That so many people were looking for something at that time of night was very strange.

Mr. Meier knows that he is continually watched and followed. As soon as he leaves his house at night, lights start to blink and suddenly there is a lot of unusual automobile traffic. Therefore he has to go through woods and fields to lose his pursuers. Other people, observing all this activity, want to know about it. It seems strange, however, that none of these people ever came to him to speak to him about it. There was a leak within our group. Someone was informing the police and the military. In the meantime he returned to the group to remain undetected, to stew in the frying pan of his own conscience. Meier told us that the car had followed us from his house as we left but that Semjase had used a device that caused electrical short-circuits in the ignition and the equipment aboard the cars. He said that for this visit she was accompanied by five other spacecraft which remained aloft as she landed. One of them was a larger ship. This was unusual. ... We continued to discuss the experience until daybreak when we separated to go home to bed.

signed Hans Schutzbach, Jacob Bertschinger
M. Flammer, M. Rufer
Olga Walder, A. Stetter.
Note: Margrit Rufer was
a teacher, lived in Zürich.




Hans Schutzbach, 23 April 1976:

On the night of 23 April 1976, Billy [Meier], J. Bertschinger and I drove by car from Munich to Vienna. Along the way, near Linz, we stopped for a short rest. We had just pressed ourselves again into the Volkswagen car to continue driving. Suddenly Billy pushes open the door at his side and calls, "She's directly above us!" By acrobatic assignment we jump out of the vehicle too. Indeed, just above us, a red spot draws fast along. It seems to come from the vicinity of Munich and turns directly towards Switzerland. "I am directly above you and greet you!" Semjase let him know, as Billy told us. It was exciting and delightful. A short time later we roll on towards Vienna.

signed Hans Schutzbach


Wolfgang Witzer (with Mr. Fuchs, Hans & Conrad Schutzbach, J. Bertschinger and Mr. Altensperger) 7-8 June 1976, Re Contact #54:

On Saturday [Sunday], 6 June 1976, the Fuchs family from Kornwestheim and I drove to Hinwil in Switzerland to visit Mr. Eduard Meier... On Whit-Monday, the following day, Mr. Meier advised us that there would be a contact that night. My first question was whether we would be allowed to be with him there. He agreed that it would be permitted but that we would have to remain at some distance for he was prohibited from taking other persons into the contact with him.

Around midnight the first car drove to the designated place, because we had to drive separately and by different ways because the group is often followed by people and police as well as military personnel while on excursion to the contacts. When we arrived at the designated point Mr. Meier was, regretfully, not there yet. We waited patiently for half an hour. Finally we heard the sound of a motor [Meier on his Mo-Ped], and a little later we were told [by Meier], to our disappointment, that we were waiting at the wrong place.

Now the time was getting on, because the time for the expected rendezvous and contact had passed and we considered the termination of the undertaking, when I suddenly remembered that a short time before, a bluish light had floated above the forest in the easterly direction. Mr. Meier received a telepathic call at this moment, that we should drive toward this direction that I had mentioned.

Ten minutes later we, that is Mr. Meier [with his Mo-Ped]; the Schutzbach brothers, Mr. Bertschinger and Mr. Altensperger [in the one car]; [and I with Mr. Fuchs in the other car], reached the proposed point for waiting. It was agreed we would wait there until Mr. Meier would return, and meanwhile film the beamship as it rose from the forest, observe its flight maneuvers and energy discharges and other still inconceivable things for us human beings, and film these as well. After a short talk, Mr. Meier headed for the contact place [on his Mo-Ped].

For one and one-half hours nothing occurred for us to observe, yet Mr. Meier was talking to Semjase, asking as well the questions from us to her. I made tape recorded interviews and we drank hot coffee, because it was very cold out.

During this time I was thinking of the film I would be able to get, and imagined the lighted, spark-spreading disk-craft hurrying through the air, when a short time later I saw an orange colored light at a forest hill, about two kilometers in the distance. At this time I was still of the opinion that this dealt of a great lamp switched on in a house. The size, for comparison, [was] three times as large as the brightest star in the sky. For a short while I did not pay any more attention to it, until it finally struck me that the lamp was not standing still. [We got out of the car.] When I reached the edge of the forest, it became evident that this was nothing from our side. Helicopters and similar [craft] would have been audible, because cars in the distance were audible.

"Eh, over there, there it is!" I cried, and the others witnessed this. Unfortunately, I had to notice, the light shining from the object was not enough for it to appear in the film. So I pushed the release for only a short time on the super-8 camera, hoping to get something. Then the beamship started blinking, with a period of half a second, and a short time later disappeared in the heavens. The sighting had lasted 7-10 minutes while we waited for Mr. Meier. About 10 minutes later he appeared again on his motor bike, and he suggested we drive to the contact place.

On reaching the contact place in the forest, half way up the slope of the hill and next to a railway line with nearby piles of wood in series, we explored the landing place. In the high grass there were three triangularly spaced, pressed-down, circular landing areas. The blades of the grass were swirled counter-clockwise in a spiral. We took compass measurements, and the compass needle no longer showed the right direction. Finally I made some flashlight exposures of the landing-site marks. This was lucky, because hours later, after daylight, when we returned, all the grass had been cut by the dear municipality, and the evidence no longer existed. Only the pictures remained, but in the dark of the night I could not fix the correct distance for photography. ...

Happy and contented, though the filming had not succeeded well, Mr. Fuchs and I drove to the hotel. By now the clock showed 05:00 hours.

signed Wolfgang Witzer


Guido Moosbrugger (with Konrad Schutzbach and Mss. Stetter, Flammer and Walder), 12 June 1976, Re Contact #55:

This experience was a little different from the earlier ones because it was planned and announced in advance. Three days before, it occurred that I received a telephone call from Mr. Meier and he gave me the good news that for the coming weekend a demonstration of the spacecraft by Semjase was planned, and the primary reason was to put new evidence in our hands. Some people who had not had an opportunity would be able to see the craft, and we would be able to make photographs this time that had not previously been allowed.


Guido in 1993.
Courtesy J. Laurino.

Because of my limited experience in photography, I contacted Mr. Risser for some advice on use of a telephoto lens. I bought the most sensitive film I could find for the anticipated night shots, which afterward would be sent by Mr. Risser to Stuttgart to be developed. I felt considerable misgiving over the probability of my amateur success under the conditions as I drove to Meier's house that night. I doubted that my pictures would show the desired results.

In Hinwil when I arrived there were already a number of people gathered at the Meier household. To simplify the expedition it was decided that only those who had accompanied Meier before should actually go with him this evening. The others would remain at a distance. During the evening I heard that we should be ready between 24:00 and 01:00.

While the ladies, Mss. Stetter, Flammer and Walder took a little nap we sat back and talked about photography problems, Mr. Meier, Conrad Schutzbach and myself. By 00:30 Meier still had not received his telepathic call from Semjase, and I went out to get a breath of fresh air and see how the weather was. When I came back into the house the others were ready to go. While I was outside Meier had gotten the instructions and information that the demonstration would take place in the near vicinity of Hinwil.

After a short planning discussion we departed about 01:00. Mr. Meier rode his Mo-Ped to the scheduled landing place of the spacecraft. It as always was guided by an on-board computer and Meier was directed by telepathy. For certain reasons, only Mr. Meier, alone, has been selected by the space people from their planet Erra for this contact. We rode to the point selected for the contact and immediately set up our cameras on their tripods, three of them. We positioned our cameras facing a northeast direction, towards the woods. Though it was very late, there were still many cars on the highway. We attributed the traffic to a pop festival held on Mt. Hausberg that night. We were afraid that Semjase would not show up with all the traffic because she did not like many witnesses. We knew that the brilliant light displays accompanying the spaceship visits could attract a lot of unwanted attention. But it seemed she didn't want to disappoint us, and at exactly 02:15 the night performance started in the sky.

As we thought, in the northeast direction, in front of a forested hill, was a reddish disk-shaped light that glowed and then went out. Surprisingly, I didn't have to move my camera at all because the reddish disk appeared right in the field of view of my camera. After a short pause a silver disk, a little bit higher, was seen, but it was directly over the position of the first and almost of the same size and intensity. Soon after that, in a little higher position again, a third disk-shaped light appeared. The ladies said that this one had three colors. I personally didn't see that because I was working on my camera to adjust its elevation. Soon high over the horizon there was a silver disk, which had a glittering rain of fire falling straight down. For our better understanding I must say that these luminous energy patterns did not always have the same shapes. Finally after this demonstration we could see the spacecraft flying away slowly as it withdrew to a small red point of light in the sky. This ascended rapidly and disappeared. The whole exhibition did not take more than 10 minutes.

About 02:30, all of a sudden a Mo-Ped came from the appointed direction. It was Mr. Meier, who during the demonstration had also taken photographs. He told us that Semjase had flown over to Austria, and on her way back would land again, supposedly at a different place. We at once changed our location, and then again we were ordered to "stop and wait."

Very soon Mr. Meier went into the woods for a new contact. To our big surprise, for the first time one of the members of the group, Ms. Stetter, would ride on the Mo-Ped with him, in the hope that she would be accepted for the personal contact, since sometimes she also gets telepathic instructions but in a different way from Meier. The well meant attempt unfortunately did not succeed. We would have liked her to meet Semjase face to face, but it didn't happen. Instead, Ms. Stetter had to get off the bike close by and had to wait there all alone until Meier came back. It was good that she had my coat because it was quite cold. We had a car to go into, where it was warm. Besides, the two other ladies gave us cake and coffee. Neither the arrival nor the departure of the spaceship did we see at all. The only thing to break the silence was the braying of a horse and the barking of a fox, and some large birds like ravens flew up. We had noted before that animals get restless when the spacecraft are in the vicinity. At 04:00 Mr. Meier and Ms. Stetter came back to where we were waiting. This was, by the way, the 55th contact since 28 January 1975.

Now I want to make some remarks with reference to the photographs taken that night. As I said, we saw just four disk-shape lighted objects and a reddish point. The photographs showed different results. The pictures taken by Connie [Konrad] Schutzbach showed just the luminous disks. The black and white diapositives shot by Hans, and the color dias that I shot show a small light. The color photographs shot by Mr. Meier from a much better vantage point show, at an upward angle, still another effect. His pictures showed a brilliant display of colored lights in flowing patterns. One frame came out completely white with what looked like a number 1 outlined in it.

Anyone who has seen these light figures has to confess that they are not made by any earthly fireworks -- but very clever ones will surely find once more a reasonable -- so they think -- explanation for these phenomena.

signed Guido Moosbrugger
14 July 1976

Note:  Guido was a school principal
from Austria.
The cited books of Wendelle Stevens show
23 "UFO" photographs taken on this occasion
by Guido Moosbrugger and Conrad Schutzbach.
Conrad, brother of Hans, was a pilot.





Hans Schutzbach (with Meier's wife and three children, and Amata Stetter), 28 June 1976, Re Contact #58:

On Monday, 28 June 1976, at about 15:30, Eduard Meier called and asked me to drive out [to his home].


Meier's oldest son in 1979 showing picture he drew
3 years before of what he saw during this sighting.
From Vol. 2 of UFO...Contact from the Pleiades.
Courtesy of Lee Elders.

He said he would meet with Semjase and would be glad if I could be there. At about 16:00 I put Meier's family and Mrs. Stetter into my Doschwo (2-CV auto), and Meier got on his Mo-Ped. He showed me a map and told me exactly where we should wait for him. In about a half hour we stopped and parked in the shade of a tree some distance from Hinwil. About 16:00 the Meier children hollered and I turned around and looked, and saw an object about 700 meters above a small woods. At first I thought it looked like an over-large hot air balloon, but the form was not right. This object was of disk-shape, silver gray, and it went up very fast. It made a wide circle from the northwest around to the south. Too bad I did not have binoculars so that I could see its detail. At first we were not sure, and then we realized it was the spaceship. We watched the object for about 10 minutes and then it went higher and higher until it became a small dark object and then a point in the sky above, and then vanished from sight still going up.

Then we saw Meier coming toward us. When we told him what we had seen he nodded and said that Semjase had told him that for security reasons, not wanting to be seen by other humans, they had to break off contact. We had seen the spaceship of Quetzal and Pleja, Semjase's sister, as it departed. He said if we were interested he would take us to the place of the landing where we could see the marks left on the ground by the ships.

We went down a little hill and about 500 meters into the woods. There we saw several pressed down areas in the high grass which lay in a geometric pattern.


Photo by Hans Schutzbach on 28 June, 1976, of the landing tracks left by
Semjase's beamship (on right) and Quetzal's (showing only partially) on left.
Location near Pfaffenholz and Hinwil. From ...Und Sie Fliegen Doch, (1991),
plate 43, Guido Moosbrugger, author.

Meier pointed to the marks and cautioned us to walk carefully in the soft ground so as not to disturb the evidence. He pointed down to a small footprint and said that was where Pleja had stood. In the half-meter high grass I saw six large round circles pressed down. They were in two triangular patterns. The grass in the circles was pressed down in a counter-clockwise spiral form. In the middle of each triangle of circles there was a smaller space pressed down straight, as from above, as though something had come straight down and laid the grass there in that fashion. The circles in the first pattern measured 2.0 meters across and 3.77 meters from center to center. The small pressed-down area in the center of the triangle measured 0.70 meters. This was Semjase's ship. The second pattern of circles, left by the ship piloted by Quetzal, lay very near. There was only 5.35 meters between the nearest points.


Sketch by Hans Schutzbach of the landing-trace patterns. From
And Yet... They Fly, (2001), p. 213, by Guido Moosbrugger.

The marks from Quetzal's ship measured 1.82 meters across and were less deep. There was a line of footprints leading from the center mark of each triangle to a point where they came together between the ships and the woods, where Semjase had met Quetzal and Pleja before they walked together into the woods where Meier met them. Pleja's footprint measured 26 centimeters, while those of Quetzal measured 30 centimeters. Meier said Pleja was in a playful spirit and wanted to ride his Mo-Ped. He told her it was a dangerous thing. After a short conversation the cosmonauts returned to their ships and the spacecraft took off in different directions and left.

We took a camera and photographed the marks.

signed Hans Schutzbach


Herbert Runkel, with 10 others, 17 July 1976:

It was Sunday the 17th of July, 1976, between 16:00 and 17:00 hours in the afternoon when the demonstration took place. [Runkel had written 17 October, which has since been corrected to 17 July.] I had stayed the weekend before, Saturday and Sunday the 9th and 10th of [July], in Hinwil with "Billy" Meier, when he mentioned to me that there would be a demonstration by Semjase on the following weekend, but he didn't say what kind of demonstration. Not wishing to miss anything, I drove to Hinwil on Saturday the 16th to stay with "Billy."

In the morning of the 17th we worked on the construction of a small hot air balloon. We did this work during the day. At 15:00 in the afternoon we finished the balloon made of paper and we loaded it into the car. Accompanied by a number of others who had been around all day (presumably waiting for the same thing), we got into my car and drove to a small wooded area near Hinwil. About 10 people followed us [in other cars]. At about 16:00 we stopped at the place where we intended to launch the balloon. Before we did anything else, "Billy" says, "Look around this place very very exactly, that you can remember all the details here. Take pictures also." Billy aimed his camera at a small group of trees in front of us. We also, with our cameras, took pictures around this area. We also looked at the sky in hopes that Semjase would come, but there was nothing [to be seen]. Nobody knew what would happen. After that, we lit a fire in the balloon and watched it grow. In a few minutes it was full and the balloon rose up into the sky. We followed the balloon with the cars as long as we could, then the balloon went so high in the sky we lost sight of it and went back to the place of launching. "Billy" also came back. Suddenly "Billy" asked us if we noticed anything changed in the area. We looked around and looked for a long time. Finally, "Billy" smiles and says, "Doesn't anybody see anything [different]?" Then some of us remember the direction "Billy's" camera was pointing before [when he snapped the picture], and wasn't something missing, but what? Oh, like a miracle, there, where two trees, one about 4 to 5 meters high and a smaller one [about 3 meters high] had stood, one of the trees, the taller one, was not there! Disappeared. How? Where? We ran to the place where the tree had stood and there was only grassy ground. No hole in the earth! Nothing to indicate that a tree had ever stood there. If anyone would now say, in front of others, that a tree had stood there, he would be called crazy. The only sign was that the second tree, the smaller one, was not growing straight because the other, larger tree was crowding it and it was bent away for room, as it was still now bent.

That is all I know. There was no spacecraft, no strange lights, no sounds or anything, but the tree was gone and I remember it very well. The tree may also be seen on the pictures we took that day before we launched the balloon, and it is missing on the ones we took afterwards. I do not know what happened to it. It has never come back.

signed Herbert Runkel
Note:  Elsie Moser and Jacob Bertschinger
were two of the 10 other witnesses.
This demonstration on how the Pleiadians could make
a tree disappear is believed to have been staged because
of the continuing dissension among a few of the FIGU
members on how such a thing could have occurred to the
tree on all sides of which Semjase posed her craft for Meier
to photograph on 9 July 1975. The "before" and "after"
pictures of this October event are shown in Stevens' 1982
book and Moosbrugger's 1991 and 2001 books. Judging
from the location and orientation of a pronounced shadow,
little time could have elapsed between the two photos.








Jacob Bertschinger, 7 February 1977, Re Contact #73:

It happened February the 7th, 1977, about 6 o'clock in the evening as I, Jacob Bertschinger, was driving up to Ottikon with Eduard Meier. We were expected by Semjase, the pilot of the spaceship, for an announced contact.

I parked my car on a forest road. Edi [Eduard Meier] left the car and disappeared towards the southeast to reach the contact point, while I waited alone in the car. After about 15 minutes I suddenly heard my friend's voice over my radio. That means I felt he was talking to me, but Edi obviously tried to reach the home station without success as no one was on duty there. His voice was very low, I could hardly hear it. I told him to speak up. So he explained that the connection was bad because he was with Semjase in the spaceship. But no worry. Semjase would correct that in a second.

A few seconds and I could hear Edi's voice loud and clear. Edi explained to me that he saw me quite distinctly on a TV screen. He asked me to move the car by his guidance. I did that and drove up onto a small hill, from where I had a panoramic view over the country. Directly in front of me was Ottikon, far to the left Herschmettlen, right down the hill the many lights of Dübendorf, Schwamendingen and Oerlikon.

Quite thoughtful, I sat there staring out into the clear night. Suddenly Edi's deep voice alarmed me: "Could I see the ship?" They were directly over Kloten airport. Yes, I could see it -- but only an oval disk, slightly illuminated. I told Edi I was not satisfied. He just laughed and answered that Semjase would soon turn up the lights and I could see then, a few seconds later, how the ship started shining and blinking. I could see it quite clearly flying slowly over Zurich and then disappear.

Tired after some time of waiting, I tried to contact my friend in the spacecraft, but no success. The microphone still in my right hand, I was looking down to Oerlikon. I tried to get radio connection again.

Suddenly I started. Quite suddenly and like magic there appeared a human figure on the right side of my car. I was absolutely shaken, I tell you. As I stared at the figure I heard my friend's voice through the radio: "I'm already here, my friend." It was Billy (Eduard) standing in front of the car. He came to the car and sat beside me grinning all over his face. "You are surprised, aren't you?" I couldn't deny it. Then I started questioning my friend. Where had he been? How was it possible to appear out of nowhere so suddenly? Edi laughed. He explained that he had heard me calling while still in the spacecraft, before being set down by Semjase by a teleporter beam while the craft was hovering directly over the car. He allegedly did this only because he wanted to see my astonished face when he would appear so suddenly. Unfortunately, he could not see me though, because it was too dark in the car.

Certainly I was greatly amazed at this happening, then again it was not so surprising after all. Edi often does crazy and unexpected things -- one has to get used to his ways. Sitting in the car, I had unfortunately not been able to see the spacecraft above. Only when Edi sat again in the car I could see a bright light moving away westwards in the direction of Forch. After this light had disappeared we drove back to Hinwil. Suddenly, Edi urged me to speed towards his house. Semjase had told him she would fly with her illuminated shining spacecraft over Hinwil due east. I accelerated, scanning the sky to the west, but could see nothing but the skyline. Speeding on the highway towards Wetzikon, I saw it. From far out west a brightly shining object about the size of a football appeared, moving in our direction. But again Edi ordered me to hurry to his house, where we would see Semjase passing by.

Arriving there, his family, whom he had alerted by radio, stood already in the front yard looking up at the object -- Semjase's spacecraft -- approaching shining like a full moon. There were still some people in the street, staring up at the ship floating by without emitting a sound -- until it disappeared three minutes later behind the hills.

We then went inside, drinking the coffee which Edi had asked via radio for his wife to prepare while still sitting in my car.

I declare that the above mentioned happenings are truly and accurately retold. Truth remains truth -- there is no doubt.

signed Jacobus Bertschinger

Note: Meier's radio conversation with Bertschwinger
is given, along with his conversation with Semjase,

in Message from the Pleiades, vol. 3, pp. 289-293.




Engelbert Wächter, Jr. (with Bernadette Brand, Jacobus Bertschinger, and Jakob Bertschinger, Sr.), 20 February 1977, Re Contact #75:

It must have been toward 7:00 PM. I was just going to suggest an evening walk to my wife when the telephone rang. Gaby, our daughter, answered the phone hoping for a friend's voice, but in vain, the call was for me. It was Billy asking us to join him and others for a live contact with Semjase, the pilot of the spacecraft. Happily I accepted, this was to my taste. We agreed on a midway meeting point at the railway station at Wädenswil at half past eight.

At the mentioned station I didn't have to wait very long for Bernadette Brand to arrive. We soon left for Thalwil where Mr. Meier had some business to attend to. After an hour's stop at Thalwil we drove on towards Horgen-Hirzel. It was raining very hard. We drove over countless field paths to get near the supposed meeting point. The roads became continually worse, and finally ended in a swamp while the rain was streaming down. We had reached our target point. A last check of the CB radios, and Mr. Meier went off into the darkness while we stared fascinated after him.

As soon as Billy was gone we tried to get the two cars out of the mud. With great effort we managed to turn the cars around. We even had to mount snow chains to get out of the horrible mud. The continuous downpour soaked us through and through. Suddenly we heard the hooting of an owl. Seconds later a peculiar sound started up, like leaves rustling in the wind -- but there were only pines around -- then this rustle turned into an increasing roar, a kind of whining. Now we know the truth: the spacecraft with our friend, Semjase, the mediator of longstanding, and our mediator, Mr. Meier, passed above us, at a height of maybe 25 meters.

About two seconds later, very suddenly for us, we saw Mr. Meier in the midst of us, a very big surprise indeed. He was smiling happily and in absolutely dry clothes. I saw, by the headlights of the car, his leather coat getting slowly wet. But how could it have been otherwise? With Semjase in the spacecraft he was not out in the rain, not getting wet at all.

We had a difficult time getting the two cars out of the bog. But about 1 AM Monday night [Tuesday morning, that is] we said a happy goodbye to each other in spite of all the mud and rain.

signed Englebert Wächter
Note: Englebert was a salesman and
printer, from Horgen, Switzerland


Herbert Runkel, 15-16 June, 1980, Re Contact #131:

I was staying in the house of "Billy" Meier, and we were hanging around, in the living room, in the kitchen, and so on. We were sitting in the kitchen about 11:00 at night, and Billy was drinking some coffee. We talked about several things. During this talking he suddenly smiled and said, "This night I will have a visit." After some more minutes and some more talking he stood up and went outside. The weather was horrible. There was a thunderstorm raging and it was raining very heavily. After about an hour he came back into the house. He was not wet! He smiled and said, "Tomorrow we have something to take pictures of and to film. Semjase set the ship down on the ground and we will have landing tracks." The rest of the night we discussed important things about space and our world and the universe.

In the morning, "Billy," Jacobus and I went down to the place (You know the place well, Steve [Wendelle Stevens]), down the hill from the house and the stock pond, and we took still and motion pictures, and also shot video film of the fresh landing tracks in the grass. (Sketch enclosed.) I shot two 36-shot rolls of film and one super 8mm movie film of the evidence. The ship had stood there over a half hour.

Supplement in reply to a letter from Stevens:

I am very, very sure there is no way for Billy to make tracks like this. I have been many times a witness of landing tracks, I have very clear photos in all details from many different places so I can say this to you with 100% certainty. For example, there is a place in Swiss [misspelling of some town?]; a spaceship landing in 1976... after four years today, you can see the grass in this place grows differently from the other grass...

signed Herbert Runkel

Meier at this landing trace later, after a fence was built around it to preserve it for over a year


Ms. Anny Zimmermann-Moosmayer of Stuttgart, 13-14 June, 1980:

June 13th we sat in the kitchen [of Meier's house] and just felt an impulse to step outside -- Semjase was demonstrating in the sky. Saturday the 14th Herbert gave a lecture. That night [the 15th]... a visit by Semjase. The next day [the 16th]I took snapshots of the landing site. I was supposed not to know of the visit! I also was not told of the "happening," maybe not to frighten me. I slept in one of the trailers and had to go there during the nighttime with heavy rain.

An affidavit signed by many, including Meier's wife, Kalliope. It is published on page 249 of Guido Moosbrugger's book, And Still They Fly! (Steelmark LLC, 8086 S. Yale, Suite 173, Tulsa, OK 74136; 2004), and on p. 321 of the earlier German edition Und Doch Sie Fliegen! (1991). The translation reads:

The undersigned herewith confirm that they have never observed or known Mr. Eduard Albert Meier (Billy), residing at CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH, of ever being involved in any unfair intrigues or manipulations in order to feign false facts, much less ever having been involved as assistant himelf.

Furthermore, we know of no wealthy backers ever giving Billy material help in any way with the attainment of his ufological slide series and short films.

We also confirm that the reports of our experiences outlined in this book completely correspond to the truth. If need be, these statements can at any time be sworn to before a court of law.




Semjase Silver Star Center,
16 February, 1991
Jacobus Bertschinger
Eva Bieri
Bernadette Brandt


Madeleine Brügger
Christina Gasser
Elisabeth Gruber
Thomas Keller
Brunhilde Koye
Kalliope Meier

Kalliope in 1979, while
being interviewed by
ufologist Jun-Ichi Yaoi.
Courtesy Lee Elders.

Freddy Kropf
Silvano Lehmann
Gilgamesha Meier
Atlantis Meier
Methusalem Meier
Guido Moosbrugger
Herbert Runkel
Englebert Wächter
Maria Wächter
Conny Wächter
Hans Zimmermann

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