Testimony from some Meier-case witnesses

Following is an English translation of the witness-testimony section of the
 Michael Hesemann
article by Michael Hesemann in Magazin 2000plus (Oct. 1998, vol. 10, pp. 64-71) entitled "The Meier Case: UFO Contactee Revealed?" It was extracted from the FIGU (Meier) web site.

The Eyewitnesses speak out

Photos can be faked, experts can make mistakes. But consider the testimonies of more than 40 individuals whose UFO experiences, in conjunction with the “Meier Case,” changed their lives. MAGAZIN 2000plus spoke with Meier eyewitnesses:

Meier's son Methusalem [born in 1973] speaks out for the first time in MAGAZIN 2000plus

MH: Cross your heart—what do you think today of your father's UFO contacts, now that you have moved out of your parents' home? And: Did you ever have your own doubts?

My opinion of my father's contacts has never wavered over the years. I am just as convinced now as I ever was that his contacts are real, and this is a logical consequence resulting from my own experiences. After all, even as a small child I already had opportunities to attend sightings, at which my mother and occasionally also my brother and sister were present. These sightings have always stayed in my memory because they were so impressive for us all. I actually never had any doubts although I have extensively and intensively pondered Papi's contacts, which seems to me only natural. After all, I had to associate everything I experienced and heard with my surroundings, and for this reason I inevitably probed everything I was experiencing and hearing.

Were you ever witness to UFO sightings or any unusual incidents which convinced you that your father was actually having contacts with extraterrestrials?

In an earlier answer I already mentioned that I had various opportunities to witness sightings, even as a small child. Several of these sightings are still very clear in my mind. They have imbedded themselves indelibly in my memory because of the surrounding circumstances. As far as unusual incidents and the like are concerned from which one could conclude that my father actually maintained contacts with extraterrestrials—I have plenty.

The earliest experience I can still vaguely remember was a sighting in June of 1976, when I was not even three years old. We were with my mother, my brother and sister, Hans Schutzbach, and Amata Stetter in a nature reserve in Hinwil. I can still recall that it was a sunny, warm day and that Hans Schutzbach began running around very excitedly when large silver disk was departing. He photographed it nervously, but by then it was already quite far away. We watched with great interest for a long time as the disk flew off.

In the summer of 1980 I was present in the Sädelegg when we were given an opportunity to record the whirring sounds of Semjase's beamship. I was standing next to Mami, in view of my father, when the whirring sounds began. They were so loud that even neighbors who lived about 4 kilometers [2.4 miles] away came to see what was going on. Mami was with her recorder in such an advantageous position to the source of the sounds that she was able to make the best recordings of all.

 Methusalem Meier (right)
with Wendelle Stevens, 1999,
from Ed Martin's book
King of Travelers

One year later in early August, together with several others, I observed at night a formation of six light objects on the horizon above the Bühl in the Töss Valley. Based on their unusual flight maneuvers, there was no way they could have been regular airplanes. The "show" lasted for more than half an hour and in addition to my mother, my father, my brother Atlantis and sister Gilgamesha, several other people observed the display too. The ships performed various formation flights and very unusual flight movements before some of them simply disappeared; we could still watch the others until they blended into the darkness.

Later on, in September 1982, when I was barely nine years old, I was standing next to my father when a small footbridge was being cemented across a drainage ditch at the driveway of the shed. As soon as the work was completed we left the construction site to bring material for cordoning off the area to protect the freshly cemented footbridge. Silvano, who had gone ahead of us, suddenly came dashing around the corner of the shed and called out to my father, because in the meantime someone had actually stepped into the fresh cement. Papi [Billy] griped and ran to the construction site where we noticed, only at second glance, that the imprint of the shoe was exceedingly large, namely more than 42 centimeters [16.5 inches] long.

Have you ever experienced or seen anything that would indicate that you father wanted to deceive others?

No. I have neither experienced anything like this nor were there indications that he had faked something. It is not his nature to fabricate anything for other people or to cheat them. I am certain that my father is telling the truth in regard to his contacts, and this also coincides with my own experiences.

What do you personally tell those people who accuse your father of being a fraud?

There is an old saying—one can learn how to lie from hearsay. This applies to most of those people who call my father a fraud. Very few of them have ever convinced themselves of the situation by going to the actual locations or delving seriously into these matters. And if they have actually done so, they often showed their jealousy because they couldn't handle the fact that another person can experience something that didn't happen to them.

My father withdrew from the public eye over the years partially because of my mother [Kalliope Meier] but also to give her a chance at playing top fiddle. By letting her have her way in this manner, he was able to satisfy her urge to be "top dog." In keeping with his character, he certainly didn't mind this at all, because by doing so he could avoid some people fawning over him since they looked on him as the great master, a guru or something special. However, he finds such idolization repugnant and extremely unwelcome. For this reason he continues his life withdrawn from the public.

Thank you, Methusalem

 Hans in 2000


Through my association with Billy I had several nighttime sightings when we were walking around in the courtyard and he pointed out the [space-] ships. In August 1987 three ships came from the west in the middle of the night. They flew over the [Meier farm-] house, hovered above it, jumped back and forth for several minutes, and finally sped high into the sky.
Hans Georg Lanzendorfer (36),
sociology teacher


At the very beginning, just as we were taking possession of the farm, the basement was full of water which had to be pumped out. When the job was done, Billy
in 2000
walked down there to see whether everything had really dried. Shortly afterward he returned and said: “There are footprints down there!” Of course, I didn’t believe him and thought that it simply could be anything; but I decided to look for myself and even photographed the imprints. When I got the photos back from the store, one could see the head and neck of an extraterrestrial on one of the pictures.

I was present during a contact in Schönenberg near Einsiedeln. We were waiting for Billy when suddenly he stood before me. That night it had been raining cats and dogs, but we could see how the first few drops had just then fallen on Billy’s jacket, while we were totally drenched since the rain was coming down so hard. He was completely dry during those first moments he was standing there in the pouring rain! He explained to us that he had been beamed down directly from the ship. Another time we observed a night formation of six ships—one more of an entire series of UFO sightings we experienced with Billy.
Bernadette Brand (49), lithographer/supervisor


I have experienced quite a few emotional moments. Once I was building the chicken coop when I observed Billy as he was walking away from the Center on the field path. I figured he was going to a contact. Shortly afterwards I heard a loud, dynamic whirring sound and thought:
 Wächter in 1998
They must have just beamed him up now. About half an hour later I felt compelled to look toward a meadow for a short while and suddenly, without warning, Billy stood there as though someone had pulled away a curtain that had kept him hidden from my eyes—he simply was there!

He often took me along to his contacts as the driver. Before the contacts he always received commands from elsewhere: "More north, a bit more south, another 20 meters and then go east," and these messages he passed on to me. I have often seen the beamships as bright lights at night, which slowly traveled across the horizon.

Once Billy requested that I accompany him because he wanted to go to a contact. We were driving in the car and Billy constantly gave me instructions. Suddenly he said, “Now you can stop.” He climbed out of the car and I waited. It was still pretty cold. Then he disappeared onto a path in the forest. I was just looking around when I suddenly saw the glint of something approximately 100 meters in front of me, in the direction of the forest. At first I thought that this could possibly be an extraterrestrial. But then I had my doubts and figured it was more likely a farmer who was looking after his cows. When I was once again sitting back in the car, I saw this glinting once more. Now I simply had to investigate this matter. I pointed my car toward the point where I had last noticed the glinting and turned on the Halogen lights—and there, in front of me, smack in the center of my car's high beams, was Quetzal, one of the extraterrestrials! That was the first time I had seen an extraterrestrial. He appeared to be a tall person wearing a cloak and a shimmering space suit. He abruptly stood motionless and then he ran from the light beam. I reversed the car and suddenly he was gone. When Billy returned from the contact he grinned and jokingly asked me why I was terrifying harmless hikers—and then told me that it had been Quetzal!
Engelbert Wächter (66), printer


 Silvano in 2000

I was present when four assassination attempts were made on Billy. That really made me think quite a bit.

Once, in 1982, Billy called me: “Come, there is a ship hovering in the clouds.” We could plainly and distinctly see it just as it appeared on his photos—in bright daylight around 4 o'clock in the afternoon! The ship was visible for about one or two minutes, then an airplane approached. At that moment the ship veered into the clouds and was gone!
Silvano Lehmann (37), waiter


As an attendant I was present at many contacts. I can still recall how we saw the beamships, and how we later visited the various contact sites and found the landing marks. I was still very young in those days, but I remember how I stood outside the doorstep one day and glanced across the scenery, when suddenly I saw a ship in the sky. It was hovering there for about 10 or 15 seconds and then it simply disappeared. At the time I made a watercolor drawing of the ship. This remains very clear in my memory. And it was in broad daylight!
Atlantis Meier (28) [born in 1970], auto mechanic


 Eva in 2000

Together with Billy I have seen UFOs in the night sky several times and in June of 1980 I heard the whirring sounds of the beamships. That afternoon all of those who happened to be present had driven into the Sädelegg. Billy stood about 150 meters/yards away from us to make some tape recordings of the whirring sounds for himself. We were standing on the path and heard the sounds, which were so loud that they attracted curious farmers and pedestrians in the area.

A few years ago, together with Billy, I once saw a rather large object which was flying in a zigzag pattern in the night sky.
Eva Bieri (43), secretary


One night I almost ran into an extraterrestrial. Suddenly I felt a type of vibrating wave, which seemed to bid me to step back. I sensed the wave becoming stronger the closer I got there. That was very impressive and I reflected for a long time what this could have been. Finally I asked Billy. He explained to me that this was an invisible protective shield of a female extraterrestrial visitor. These protective shields are necessary for them because they cannot tolerate our vibrations, which are so different from their own.
Louis Memper (48), chemist


 Brunhilde Koye in 2000

Around 5 p.m. on April 8, 1983, I glanced up to the sky while working. It was near dusk and there were many clouds in the sky when I noticed a light that was moving towards me one moment and then away from me again; it moved to the right and then to the left. I thought that this wasn’t normal, so I ran to get my binoculars which, by chance, I happened to have in my car. In the meantime Billy and several other FIGU members came out and were also observing this dancing object of light.

Another time [30 Sept. 1983], while visiting Billy, I stayed overnight in the RV. In the middle of the night I heard steps in the court yard. I went out to investigate the sounds but I could sense something like a “Stay were you are!” command within me and I stopped walking. I could, however, peek around the corner and saw a tall, white-haired, bearded figure. Billy’s hair was still dark in those days, so it was not he. I felt an incredible joy in me that was truly special. The figure wore a white outfit and seemed to be surrounded by light. I felt such a warm glow! Later I asked Billy about this, and he told me it was Ptaah, one of the extraterrestrials.
Brunhilde Koye (64), ret. export merchant


I was repairing the pavement at the Farm and wanted to briefly cordon off the freshly cemented area so that nobody would accidentally step into it.
 Freddy in 2000
But when I returned I noticed the imprint of a gigantic shoe in the cement. At first I thought somebody had tripped into it because the person hadn’t seen the wet cement, but then it was clear to me that no human being had such a large shoe size. Billy found out later that an extraterrestrial called Danel, who is 2,48m [8'15"] tall, had made the imprint so we would have another piece of evidence.

Some time ago, when Billy still drove the tractor, we had hitched a small trailer to it and were driving into the valley toward Hinwil. After the first turn I saw that Billy wasn’t even holding the steering wheel in his hands—we all saw that the tractor moved all by itself. On this entire curvy stretch Billy guided the tractor all the way into Hinwil, purely with his spiritual powers. He never once touched the steering wheel.
Freddy Kropf (38), chef


While in Betswil, above Bäretswil, I was allowed to come to a contact with Billy.
 Jacobus in 2000
He instructed me to wait by my car until I got more detailed directions. I was rewarded for the long waiting period: Through the trees I could really nicely see the ship rise at the horizon, then it darted with incredible speed directly toward me. That was a spectacular show—and at night, no less! And then they [the ETs] undertook some energy burning that resulted in a shower of sparks, a splendor of color that couldn't have been more beautiful.
Jacobus Bertschinger (48), chauffeur


In 1976 I saw Billy Meier's photographs for the first time, and from then on I wanted to know all about them. I asked whether I would be permitted to visit him,
 Guido in 2000
and then one weekend I came to see him, still in Hinwil at the time. When I was preparing to leave again, Billy invited me to stay a bit longer since he had the feeling that something was about to take place that night. Shortly afterwards I had my first UFO experience.

In total I was present during three nighttime demonstrations, two of which I was permitted to photograph. I have also inspected and photographed various landing marks. I was present when Billy was beamed into our midst; I was a witness when a 5-meter tall fir tree was eliminated; I was listening in when Billy spoke by radio with two extraterrestrials—I was standing right next to him at the time. And then one time he gave me precise instructions via radio transmission when he was in Semjase's ship, which was hovering about 700 meters/yards above the Center. We were just pounding the fence poles into the ground, and we did this crookedly, intentionally, to see if he'd notice—and he corrected us accordingly.
Guido Moosbrugger (73), ret. school principal


Here are additional witnesses we know by name, some of whom we have interviewed: Elisabeth Gruber, Thomas Keller, Madeleine Brügger, Christina Gasser, Herbert Runkel, Maria Wächter, Conny Wächter, Hans Zimmermann, Billy's daughter Gilgamesha Meier, and in 1989 Kalliope, Meier's ex-wife, in her own words.


The Swiss Air Force and Meier

Another Meier witness is UFO researcher Erwin Mürner from Zurich. He stated to MAGAZIN 2000plus: "I have known Billy Meier since 1976.
  Mürner in 1998
At that time I visited him in Wetzikon with a group of people. Together with him we went to the landing sites and conversed with him. This intrigued me. Shortly afterward I sighted a UFO with my parents and my wife just when I was about to take them to one of those landing sites. The object was round. Suddenly it shot into the air. Then it stopped, dashed off sideways and then it came back to the center before disappearing in a downward motion, like a falling leaf.

Billy gave me several of his photos. The picture that impressed me the most was of a UFO and an Air Force Mirage fighter plane. I made serious efforts to uncover the truth about it. Then the following occurred: A UFO convention was being held at the Zurich Novotel, where I met a man who was with the Air Force. We entered into a conversation, and when he told me he was with the Air Force, I asked him about the photo. He confirmed the photo was authentic and that they knew everything about the contacts. I met with the man several more times, during which he said he was part of the Army’s Special Services. At our next meeting he carried a black briefcase, from which he removed a portfolio, a dossier, which he allowed me to read . . . and on page 3 was the story about the Mirage! In brief, the article stated that those who have knowledge about this case must keep it a secret for the rest of their lives. Thereupon I asked my acquaintance what he thought of Billy Meier, and he told me the military knew that everything was true but the people aren't allowed to know about it."

Later Mürner was even able to glean the name of the Mirage pilot, and he contacted him. The Air Force officer confirmed the incident without revealing any details.

Does the Swiss Air Force have additional information about Meier's contacts? It is certainly not coincidental that years ago the Swiss Army seized the elevated area above the Meier Farm as a site for a rocket launching ramp; today it is only used as an observation post.

Evidence exists which demonstrates that the Swiss Air Force could very well know about the authenticity of Meier's contacts. As we reported in the May 1998 edition of MAGAZIN 2000plus No.127, an official of the Swiss Military Airspace Safety Monitoring Unit informed Swiss ufologist Luc Bürgin and the MUFON-CES research group about recorded data pertaining to radar sightings of unknown flying objects in the Swiss air space. According to their information, 236 UFO radar sightings took place in the airspace above the land of the Swiss confederates between the 25-month period from April 1, 1993 to April 31, 1995. Particularly noteworthy were the clusters of UFO radar positions above the Zurich highlands—precisely in the area where Billy Meier has his contacts.


The Chief Witness

In October 1996 the International Humanistic Society and the UN's SEAT team invited me, Michael Hesemann, to present a talk to their group at the Headquarter of the United Nations. The lecture was held in the format of a small conference where Carlos Diaz, Madeleine Rodeffer, and Colonel Colman Von Keviczky also spoke. After the event a lady approached me and introduced herself as a member of the UN delegation of a South-East Asian country. She asked me whether I knew Billy Meier, and I confirmed this fact of course. She wanted to hear my opinion of him, and I replied I was convinced of the contacts' authenticity. Her friendly face literally lit up and then she revealed her story to me:

She had known Billy Meier when he lived in India. Between April and September 1964, Meier had taken one of his trips around the world. As a young man he visited 42 countries, mostly as a hitchhiker. He arrived at the Ashoka-Ashram in Mehrauli near New Delhi to study Buddhism. The Ashoka Mission there, founded by King Ashoka in the 3rd Century B.C., is the oldest Buddhist school.
 The chief witness [Phobal Cheng] with her grandfather, V.B. Dharmawara,
and her younger brother, circa 1967. All three were
witnesses of Asket with Meier, and Asket's UFOs, in 1964.
Its leader today is the highly respected V.B. Dharmawara, who recently celebrated in California his 109th birthday in good health (but died in 1999). In the monastery Meier befriended the Dharmawara’s grandchildren who had previously fled to India when civil war broke out in their own country. One of these grandchildren was the lady who approached me in New York. She is now an esteemed diplomat. [But as of 2003 she is retired from her diplomatic post, has married and is living in New York City.] And, incidentally, her brother was the one who taught Meier how to catch snakes. So this, too, was true! Until this time I had always smirked a bit when Meier claimed he had performed hundreds of jobs on his trips—among them that of a snake catcher.

During an elaborate Indian dinner, to which she had invited me, the lady recounted: “In those days all of us at the Mission saw the spaceships” and Meier was in contact with their pilots. Additionally, she had seen him “walking across the court yard of the Ashram accompanied by a woman with long, brunette hair, dressed in a type of spacesuit.” Her grandfather also had been provided with opportunities to speak with the extraterrestrial visitors. I listened to this lady with baited breath and made a promise to her that I would keep her name confidential and would not mention her homeland to anyone. She simply did not want the publicity due to the sensitive nature of her diplomatic position.

Her important rank in her country's UN delegation was later confirmed to me by friends who were UN colleagues of hers. Also, the lady came across as lucid, ethical, cordial and honest. I found out, too, that she had previously revealed the identical information to U.S. researcher Wendelle Stevens after one of his lectures in New York. Because she wished to renew her contact with Meier, I provided her with his address.

Meier’s contacts in India were actually investigated on location by one of the world’s most renowned UFO researchers, Timothy Good, an English violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra, which was performing in Delhi at the time. During his stay there, by chance, a local newspaper The Statesman reported Meier’s contacts. “Not only have I seen objects from space, I have also photographed them and flown inside them,” the Swiss man had stated to the newspaper and continued with, “I have an assignment to fulfill.” Good later drove to Mehrauli and met people there who were aware of Meier’s contacts “with the girl from space.” They described him as being “ethical and full of enthusiasm.” Interestingly enough, it was this young woman from space, named Asket according to Meier, with whom the UN diplomat had seen Meier walking around! ....

A video tape of her presentation of this plus further information, taken on Feb 23, 1999, at the 8th Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV, along with presentations of Wendelle Stevens, Michael Hesemann and Methusalem Meier in the session entitled "The Reopening of the Meier Case," is available from:

International UFO Congress
3116 S. Mill Ave.,
Tempe, AZ 85282

Telephone: 480-302-2147 or 1-877-836-0110

For a rough transcript of Phobol's 1999 talk, click here.

Summary of witnesses and events, as of 2010

A list of some 85 Meier-case witnesses whose reports are available in the literature or on the Web, along with other information, is tabulated in this file.

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