James W. Deardorff

In his web page on the topic, the Italian ufologist Maurizio Verga started out by making the same erroneous statements as did Korff, calling Meier the 13th apostle. Instead, his primary contactor in the 1970s—Semjase—told Meier he was their prophet of our present era.

And like Korff, Verga did not properly spell the TJ's unusual title: Talmud Jmmanuel, instead replacing its J with an I. Although "Immanuel" with an "I" is a proper spelling of the man's name, the "J" symbol is what was used at the start of his name in the ancient document itself, for the reason explained in the TJ's Foreword. The improper "Talmud of Immanuel" spelling stems from Korff's book, whose information on this in turn stems mostly from little known writings of Swiss scientist and ufologist Ted Auerbach. Verga referred to Jmmanuel as a "Pleiadian" although the TJ indicates that his mother Mary was of this Earth; thus Jmmanuel was half-Pleiadian, though his Pleiadian father (Gabriel) was human in appearance, as were the other Pleiadians. In fact, Verga repeats Korff very closely, without acknowledging it, in another strange allegation about the head Pleiadian in charge of Earth then, named Plejos, arranging for Gabriel to impregnate the virgin Mary so that after Immanuel was born, Plejos couild return to the Pleiades. This distorted version actually stems from a book by Randolph Winters (The Pleiadian Mission, 1994), which Meier has roundly criticized for its many errors. In turn, Korff made use of it, and then Verga.

Verga fails to mention that Meier and Rashid discovered the TJ in Jerusalem, leaving the impression it may have been in Baghdad, if I properly interpret the machine translation of his Italian text. And he implies that there are problems in the TJ's venue and chronology but fails to mention what he has in mind. He again follows Korff's claim that Rashid's letter to Meier, which describes the destruction of the original TJ writing in 1974, was written in Baghdad on the same typewriter as used by Meier in Switzerland. One does not need to be an expert in typewriter keying, however, to notice the distinct differences in lettering involved. They were written on different typewriters. Again via Auerbach and then Korff, Verga claims that the stylistic expressions present in Rashid's letter to Meier are the same as ones Meier uses (see discussion), but again Verga gives no examples.

Quoting a translation of Verga's text, "Meier would have been chosen by the Pleiadians as the prophet of the New Age and to guide humanity towards the year 2000 and beyond, saving it and directing it towards a more elevated spiritual existence." However, the Pleiadians have given Meier no indication that they are here to "save" humanity, and in fact the TJ itself contains a prophecy of Jmmanuel's saying that much of humanity will be destroyed in an end-of-the age cataclysm.

It is through this sort of dependence upon the false writings of Korff that Verga concluded that the TJ "text is probably a false one prepared by Meier himself."

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