And Again the Most Superior Technique in the Game
16 July 1977
by Englebert Wächter
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 172-3
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

In the same space of time as the noteworthy event on the roof of the carriage house, a still further incident was replayed, of which I may describe. It began with Billy apparently having something important to show or tell me. So he guided me in true comradely fashion in the direction of his working room. Arriving at the office door, he briefly consulted his enormous key ring, unlocked the door and entered the room, while I followed him shoulder to shoulder like a shadow, in a manner of speaking. With leisurely footsteps Billy navigated along to his desk, and in the same moment there occurred the same thing that first happened to him on the roof of the carriage house. Although I stood with Billy in clear sight, he was suddenly no more to be seen. He was simply gone, out of sight, not present any more. Where a fraction of a second before Billy stood before me, there now was only a solitary desk.

After I had strictly inspected the entire office to the last hideout and did not discover the slightest trace of the missing person despite utmost care, I left the familiar space somewhat indecisively, although with mixed feelings. But then I remembered suddenly again the memorable incident on the roof of our carriage house, marched straight into our kitchen and approved that which I wanted beforehand anyway -- a good hot coffee.

As became apparent a short time later, it was Semjase this time who had fetched Billy from before my eyes, using a tele-transmitter, to a contact in her spaceship. Whether Billy once again wanted to show me how fast a man participating in a very superior technique could disappear, escapes my knowledge. I have never yet asked him.

Brief Extract from Contact #79, Saturday, 16 July, 1977 at 15:37 hours
From Wendelle Stevens, Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 4, p. 104

Meier... Dear girl, This is a bit of a surprise, that you take me directly from out of the office. I was just starting to write some letters. But, girl, I am extremely much delighted to see you again...

Semjase... This is a very dear welcome, and I offer my thanks to you for it... [She says nothing about having beamed up Meier from his office, and in the presence of Englebert Wächter. There follow 282 sentences from Semjase and 162 from Meier.]