For Strangers, Inconceivable... He Comes Back as if Grown out of the Ground!

by Englebert Wächter
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 276-78
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

Scarcely was I on the under-construction roof of our new henhouse, on Monday, the 21st of September 1981, in order to work on some rafters with chisel and saw, when I saw Billy as he was striding straight across the meadow of Schmidrüti towards Sitzberg, departing on a new contact in the direction of the "siren meadow" [towards the northeast; see map, No. 16]. Quickly I yelled out a friendly greeting to him, to which he replied with a smile and handwave, before disappearing into the forest.

Only a few minutes later, around 19:20 hours, I heard the unmistakeable, harsh "siren" of a beamship over the fir trees. It was Quetzal -- Billy had been contacted. For a good minute long the "singing energy" of Quetzal's ship oscillated through the high valley, until suddenly growing softer and fading away.

I worked further on the roof, drove in the last nails and concluded, allowing that the work for the day had been productive. So I cheerfully sat myself down "on my work" and lit a cigarette, pondering again the further work needed for the roof construction. Pleasurably I drew in a bit of nicotine and tar -- which could so deliciously set one's mind at rest -- into my lungs (which have already been blackening for a long time), and observed with open senses the darkening bit of meadow in the twilight -- our "siren meadow" -- just beyond which lay the border of the forest. My eyes now glanced up at the gigantic fir trees, only to gaze down again over the meadow.

Just at 19:59 hours I suddenly heard, only softly, the siren [or whirring sound] of Quetzal's beamship, and then I saw it! Suddenly as if growing out of the ground there stood Billy in the middle of the meadow, where he now with speedy steps came back across the meadow pathway toward the house.

For the stranger, inconceivable -- yes, a sensation, yet for us almost an accustomed everyday occurrence -- a dear human suddenly standing in the middle of a meadow. He is suddenly simply there! Where a fraction of a second before there was nothing other than an empty meadow, there suddenly stands a human being. And although we often live with "such," we are nevertheless deeply impressed each time with the very high technology of our extraterrestrial friends, who make such things possible.

In order that this "documentation" of quasi-"higher keepers" be enriched somewhat, I append an extract of the Contact meeting beginning with Billy's request to allow himself to be "transported" onto my rafter.

Extract from Contact #152 (or #148 by different accounting)
Monday, 21 September 1981, 19:21 hours

Translation by Benjamin Stevens

Quetzal: This is clear, but now, you should go back because I still have to do something, with which I am time-bound.

Billy: Of course - ah, do you see Engelbert down there? How would it be if you'd let me appear down there in the middle of the beam [rafter] on which he works – so right in front of his nose?

Quetzal: That is too dangerous, my friend. Just think of the incident in Winkelreit in Wetzikon, when you materialized in the middle of the peak of a weather fir.

Billy: Nevertheless, that was really funny and, so to speak, an emergency landing.

Quetzal: For your sense of adventure, certainly, but not for us. I will set you down in the middle of the meadow and handle it in such a way that Engelbert will immediately see you in the materialization, if you are so eager to surprise.

Billy: Thanks... Then let me exit now.

Quetzal: You do, indeed, know your own method of exiting very well – just drop into the void – probably for the thrill.

Billy: How right you are. I'm just waiting for the moment when the dematerialization machine fails once and I whistle as fast as a stone down to the Earth. Then, I would like to see how quickly you'd react and how you'd make it that I don't slam hard into the ground.

Quetzal: Your humor is often very difficult to understand, not in the least because you know very well how to intertwine humor and reality just like now, because you joke and, at the same time, actually hope for such a situation. But I'm sorry to tell you in this regard that it would be impossible for you to jump into the dematerialization hatch if this could fail, but that will certainly never be the case. An energy field would hold you back before the opening.

Billy: Aha, but now, if even that would fail?

Quetzal: You are relentless, but that is absolutely impossible.

Billy: Really… absolutely?

Quetzal: Absolutely.