Three Sightings at the SSSC

Write-up by M. Uyttebroek
in FIGU Bulletin #35 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept., 2001)
Liberal Translation by J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

At the Semjase Silver Star Center (SSSC), Friday, 11 May 2001, 23:15 hours

It was 23:15 approximately. Harry Dicker and I, Michael Uyttebroek, stood in the parking lot at the flat-roof garage [see map, No. 11] in the SSSC. We observed the beautiful, clear, star-laden southeast sky. Everything was calm, and there were no aircraft flying over to hear or see. Suddenly, I was startled by a bright flash out of the corner of my eye. Both Harry and I turned to look in the direction it came from, which had been in a southernly direction. Immediately I saw a moving light (much like a moving star), which traveled away from us on a northerly course. As I followed its movement, a second flash occurred near to, and back to the right of, where the first flash appeared. Then I noticed a second "moving star." Then there was a further flash, which seemed to come from this second "moving star," and then one further flash.

It is interesting to note that there was an irregular time interval between the flashes, which occurred along a northward directed line. After a somewhat longer pause without flashes of about 5 seconds, there was one last bright flash along the trajectory, a little further to the north. After these events we searched the night sky still longer for more abnormalities. After about 15 minutes, Harry went to his tent. At around 23:45 I decided to stay for the night, and started to leave the parking area. Just then, I had the urge to look to the southern sky, and immediately saw a very unusual, quickly flickering, moving light. Within a short travel distance -- two centimeters at arm's length -- the light flared about ten times per second, like a strobe, and then abruptly disappeared.

In a subsequent interview with Harry Dicker two days later, he stressed the point that to him, the most notable thing about our sighting was that the flashes were of a completely different nature than the flashes you normally see coming from an airplane. These unusual flashess were very short and very intense.

SSSC, Tuesday, 15 May 2001, 22:27 hours

After I, Michael Uyttebroek, had been sitting for some time in the newly constructed shelter at the parking lot, I decided to go out to observe the night sky. I was hoping to see something. And so it happened that within a few minutes I caught sight of a moving light, which came from the south and moved northward. It was moving faster than the high flying aircraft that one usually sees in the area, and it stood out brighter than the stars. Also, it seemed to be as high as the "moving stars," which we refer to as satellites. Its flight was completely silent. No aircraft were to be seen or heard in the area.

When I saw it approaching in my general direction, I asked, mentally, if it could signal me with its light. This would confirm that it was a ship. As an afterthought, it would also confirm that the person controlling the ship was fully aware of my current location and was telepathic. Also: should that not be the case, then the space traveler would not be aware of my intention to see a ship before it had appeared.

I kept a sharp eye on the object as it approached my position, while it remained high in the sky. In fact, it seemed to be slightly higher as it flew closer. It glided along still silent until it was almost directly over my position. Then, at the exact moment the light was directly above me, or in a very short distance from that position, there was a sudden emission of a yellowish-white light from the ship, which continued flying along on its course without stopping.

As I watched, my immediate response was to give the traveler an exuberant but well meaning "Thumbs up," and a warm "Thank you and Shalom" for the almost perfect and very special light signal. After I had watched the ship continue to fly along to the north and then die out from sight, I moved quickly into the kitchen (in the Center) to see how late it was and whether anyone was present to whom I would relate my story. No one was there, and the clock read 22:28. Although I was tempted to continue observing the night sky for further activity, I decided that I had had enough and that it was time to get some sleep. This is an experience that I will not so quickly forget.

Multiple lights over the Semjase-Silver-Star Center Saturday, 19 May 2001, around 22: 30 hours

Around 22:00 hours, I was sitting on the cement block wall of the built-up parking lot to observe the clear night sky. During the next two hours, I saw many "self-propelled stars" as well as aircraft. On one occasion, however, I observed something quite unusual. As I thus sat, and looked up high in an easterly direction, I observed, at almost the same time, two moving lights, which traveled towards the west in a parallel flight pattern (at arm's length approximately 5 cm apart). Quickly, I saw a different, smaller light, which appeared in the background of the first two lights. This one moved along a different trajectory, roughly from southeast to northwest. Their close proximity was unusual. Again, when I held my fist at arm's length, I could completely cover my view of what was happening. Just to make sure that I did not imagine anything, I counted the lights again. I cannot say the exact time that passed, because I did not keep track of it.