Recordings of Spacecraft Sounds

Witnesses' Reports by Wendelle Stevens
in UFO...Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report (Tucson, AZ: UFO Photo Archives, 1982), pp. 448-50

On Good Friday in 1976 [April 16], Eduard Meier and other witnesses recorded the sounds of the Pleiadian spacecraft for the first time. As usual, Meier was guided to the contact site telepathically. He rode his Mo-Ped ahead of the others travelling in a car. Meier went into the forest preserve outside Hinwil, signaling them to wait at the forest edge. They waited for more than an hour before Meier came riding from the woods and told them to follow. He led them across the preserve to the other side and turned into a dead-end road. Again they were advised to stop and wait while Billy went forward about 100 meters and stopped.

They could see him standing in the middle of an edge-grown clearing sloping down in its center. Here Meier stopped and positioned his tape recorder and then held the microphone into the air. Above where Meier stood, from about 30 meters in the air, came a strange whirring, humming sound which changed frequently. The sound was similar to a jet engine or a lathe working a piece of metal with much variation. Then Meier raised his arm above his head and correspondingly the sound increased and went down again. The two frequencies, the lower and the higher, continuously inter-mixed together and then separated again, clear and loud. The tones reached us clearly with just occasional scattering by the wind. "I was very much amazed by the tones from the air, and could not understand this," Hans Schutzbach said. The sounds lasted ten minutes and then stopped. "By now we had unexpected visitors," Schutzbach added, "A VW 'Beeetle' stopped behind my 2CV. Its two passengers looked toward Billy with great interest. One of them even had field glasses. A moment later, from another side, a man walked up with a sheep-dog on a leash. From another direction two motorbike drivers arrived. All of them were interested in the clearing where Billy stood, above which hung the stirring sound. They seemed to appear from nowhere. The two men in the car turned out to be Forest Rangers and the man with the dog was a canton policeman in civil dress."

"This sudden appearance of humans was surprising because when we arrived there was nobody around but ourselves. I believe Mr. Meier is shadowed when he leaves his house, because many people of Hinwil seem to be interested in UFOs and want to see something with the help of Billy. These people do not come directly to us but they seem to respect Billy," Schutzbach added.

Normally Meier does not hear so much of the sounds of the spacecraft, and lasting so long and so loud, but only a short stirring upon reaching the spacecraft or upon its preparation for departure. This extensive demonstration was intended especially for tape recording and Billy was advised in advance of the proposed event and was invited to bring selected witnesses to the demonstration.

Scutzbach said that the tones were caused by the rotation of the outer parts of the ship in air, which produces the observed noise. When the velocity of rotation is changed the tone of the sound changes correspondingly. This can only be heard if the ship is not screened, as in this special case. In this event, only a small channel toward the ground was opened and the ship was not visible from the sides. The ship can be made visible or invisible by sectors. Meier, from his position directly under the ship, could see it and he estimated its height to be more like 50 meters.

Another effect was noticed by Meier from the tone went up the scale to higher key the ship became more transparent, and as it came down the scale it became more dense-looking to him.

"Two days later," Schutzbach says, "we undertook an examination. We took the recorder back to the place, and there played back the tape recording at full power. This time the tone seemed to come from the ground, and was rather weak in power, and certainly came from the speaker. It was so weak we had to come more than half way closer to the recorder to hear the tone with the same loudness as on Good Friday. I looked for evidence of loud speakers hung from trees or suspended from a balloon to produce this effect and could find none. All of these things had to be checked out before conceding the reality of the experience."

The sound might best be described as a sort of metallic sounding humming whine with a whirring swish and a variable tone. This sound has been heard by several of the other witnesses around Eduard Meier and has been recorded on five separate occasions.