Excerpt from Contact Report 106

A translation from Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 4, pp. 391-92
(Tucson, AZ: UFO Photo Archives, 1995)
by Wendelle Stevens

Meier... ...Let us go to another theme: Do you perhaps know a magazine by name of GEO? As I realize here from my note, it should deal with a geographical magazine about culture, which is edited by the Heinrich-Bauer Edition of Hamburg, Germany.

Quetzal... 40/This is not known to me, but why do you ask?

Meier... In the autumn of last year, I believe it was in September, in one number of this magazine should have been a picture by a painter, who painted San Francisco in future form after its destruction by the earthquake. Now look at these pictures here, which I got during our journey to Frisco, when you brought me into the future. These pictures here now should correspond very exactly to parts of that picture, which this painter of the Bauer-Edition produced. Like that at least it was explained to me yesterday. This is meaning, when indeed this picture exists by this painter of the edition, that once more I will get placed for being a liar and a cheater, while another time more will be told, that I would only have taken pictures from that other picture for purpose of evidencing some things.

Quetzal... 41/Your question has some background. 42/Something must have happened, that now you ask me about this. 43/And from where have you known about this picture now, which really exists?

Meier... Oh, I see, but so; yesterday this was told me. Kurt [Stadlin] had gone to a restaurant in Zurich, where just somebody was reading this magazine, and there he saw the picture, because there it was reproduced. Now of course he came and explained to somebody behind my knowings, that likely I would have made photgraphs from parts of this picture.

Quetzal... 44/This is very much regrettable. 45/I did not know that this picture, which got transmitted towards this man inspirationally, already had got published. 46/Here must have happened an accident because first in the autumn of this year, it should have reached the public.

Meier... Yes? This will be a pity for me, and a much lousy one, because now again I keep the same theater, like then by the picture of the universal door [another misunderstood event]. But who did actually transmit this impression towards that painter?

Quetzal... 47/This have done the Baawi-Intelligences, who work together with us here on the Earth, and who are responsible for many inspirational transmissions. 48/But they must have suffered a mistake in respect to the publication of the picture, because first in connection with certain coming events, the picture should reach publicity in the autumn of this year. 49/I myself considered, when you had asked me for this journey, this then could just get connected to your photos. 50/But under these circumstances it is likely better, to protect you from further attacks, that I take the pictures, as well as the negatives of the film, too.

Meier... But these I don't have, because I have given them to the photographer, so that he can produce new reprints of them for me.

Quetzal... Then I will destroy them, or take them with me. 52/Where have you given them to?

Meier... To Bar [Bär Photo] at Wetzikon. But each time he sends them to Wadenswil to a great laboratory.

Quetzal... 53/That is sufficient for me. 54/I will take the material and store it.

Meier... And what should I tell to the people? I have but to tell the truth.

Quetzal... 55/You tell the truth. ...