Night Sighting

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Piero Petrizzo
in FIGU Special Bulletin #39 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept. 2007)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

It was after the passive-group meeting of 2007, on my second round of the night watch, at 2:45 on 27 May, when I looked out the window and saw Billy out for a walk -- nothing special, because he often goes out at night to catch some fresh air. Later, as I continued my round out there, I met him on the way to the garage parking place [see map, No. 11] where we exchanged a few words with each other. Watching, I saw him as he looked at the sky, which was not entirely clear, because to be sure, you saw a few stars, but the sky was covered with haze and scattered clouds. I just wanted to turn back to my night watch tour and therefore continued on. Hardly had I proceeded a few meters when Billy cried out to me: "Look, Piero, a ship," whereupon I again approached him and looked along his line of sight, searching for a small, glowing, flying point in the sky. But at first I saw nothing at all; only when Billy pointed out the direction with his finger, I saw it. To my surprise it was a relatively large point of light high in the sky, moving towards the north. At first I thought, "much too large for a satellite." Together we watched as the spot of light on the vault of heaven moved in its orbit. Suddenly I noticed how it seemed to become a little larger, and at the same moment, Billy said: "Look, it's lighting up." In fact, the flying object started to strongly light up; it was a bright, oval, bluish-white light that the object radiated. The spectacle lasted about 2-3 seconds, then became again smaller and smaller, until it eventually disappeared. Of course I was quite impressed, for until then I had never seen such a large and brightly radiating object. In fact I needed a couple seconds to collect my thoughts, after which I asked Billy whether he had had telepathic contact with the really very unusually bright flying object. He confirmed it to me, saying it had been Florena (of the Plejarens). Later, he explained that on this day Florena had observed the Passive-Group assembly at the new location in Dussnang/TG [some 25 miles east of Zurich], and recorded the whole thing, as she told him. When we saw it fly by in the night sky, Billy asked her via telepathy for a small sign for me in the dark sky -- and in fact it was a uniquely beautiful presentation, which was very impressive not the least because Florena had a new ship, with which she could produce different radiative effects than with the older models. I am very grateful to Billy and Florena for this new and rich experience, which I will not forget.