We Are Not Alone

Liberal Translation of Write-up by E. Mürner
in FIGU Bulletin #30 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Dec., 2000)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

This Saturday, the 27th of May, 2000, was lecture time once again. I didn't yet know then what was expected of me and the audience at the end of the study hour. We stood outside the meeting place [or "carriage house," see map, No. 8] of the Center in Hinterschmidrüti, where we had gathered together after 11:00 pm for a little conversation before leaving. Nearby were Anton and Hildegard Bachofen, Fritz Egger, who was next to me (Erwin Mürner), and some people of the FIGU Core Group. As always, we observed the beautiful starry sky above us, and I said to the members of the group: "It would be nice, now, if a Plejaren ship were to appear." So I was informed, through the statement of a FIGU member, that around 7:30 pm someone had made a joke that this night a beamship would appear or arise. And exactly that happened, only later in the night. The ship approached in the starry night sky from the northeast. It was visible as a whitish ball, and seen obliquely against the sky, it crossed the firmament gently and silently in a southwesterly direction. Suddenly, a Core Group member said, "It would be nice if it were to send a greeting to us." And actually this wish was fulfilled, because suddenly, as if a light switch had been turned on, the object blazed up, glistening, with the bright light spreading outwards and outshining the whole ball. The whole spectacle repeated itself five times during the further course of its flight. One could not help having the feeling that to produce the whole magic light show, a switch was again operated when restoring its previous appearance. So once again we saw the ball, whose flight we could follow in the night sky until it was recognizable only as a small dot.

During the whole sighting there were murmurs, marvelings and talk going on through the ranks of the observers. From this I had the feeling -- myself included -- that all were gripped by a feeling of happiness. To be sure, I already had some experiences in this regard, but with respect to this spectacle everything was somewhat new. Everything was imprinted indelibly in my memory, and so the bright light still remains in my mind's eye. When something like this takes place before one's own very eyes, then one first realizes how small and inconspicuous we humans really are. Of course, everything for us was a great pleasure, especially the fact that we were able to receive a prominent greeting in this manner. Therefore, I would like to say, "We have understood your greeting, and also what you wanted to say to us: We have not forgotten you." And in this sense it has also become clear to us that the effort of learning on the way to the truth bears good fruit.

We assume that our wishful thoughts were received, and that it was an intentional decision to send us the greetings, in return for which we really want to thank the occupants of the vessel. We would like many people to have similar experiences, because too many unfortunately are still unable to recognize the truth as truth; so it unfortunately will still be a long time for them before they find the way to true peace, to true love, to real knowledge and to truth and wisdom.