Sighting on a National Holiday

by Erwin Mürner
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 318-19
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

Twice I have had sighting experiences on August 1, the Swiss national holiday.

The first date [probably 1982] I have unfortunately forgotten, although it attracted the attention of many Core-Group members and their cameras with zoom lenses. While Billy was setting off fireworks that he had prepared himself, after some time someone cried out, "Look at the horizon -- a ship." Everyone rushed over in front of the auto parking place by the main residence [just southwest of No. 9 on the map], and on the horizon observed a white sphere, which moved slowly towards the east and soon disappeared. The fireworks continued on until Billy suddenly stopped it and someone remarked afresh to us that the sphere was now over us. And actually, it had exactly the same appearance. It slowly moved at a similar height over the Center in the direction of Sitzberg [to the northeast], where it again disappeared. Then Billy said to us, Semjase has seen our fireworks and wishes us a wonderful celebration. After 02:00 hours I was ready to leave the Center with my wife when we saw the beamship once again, moving from north to south towards Sitzberg.

The second experience was on August 1, 1984. On this evening one had the feeling that the beamship would have a great flight-day. We stood close to the Center's main residence and Billy began, as he does each year, with his self-produced fireworks. Then we saw undoubtedly 30 lights present as three objects whizzed toward us from the west; two flew beside each other (visible as whitish spheres), and the third one of reddish color, behind. Later, at the house plaza, it then first began properly: At first two beamships crossed over the Center, and then they came from all possible sides. All those present lay down on the ground, in order to be able to observe it all better. Later I understood that this had been a parting gift of the Pleiadians/Plejarens. From then on, the Contacts would be broken off for several years, namely until about 1989.