Sightings Experiences

by Erwin Mürner
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 322
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

On a Saturday evening, whose date is no longer in my memory, someone came running and cried out that an object was to be seen and we should come immediately if we wanted to see it. We followed the caller outside into the open and actually saw a cigar-shaped UFO, which was moving quickly at the east horizon.

One other time, on a June evening in 1987, I made my way to the outdoor pulpit, in order to be able to better observe the sky. As my eyes wandered over the star-studded firmament, I suddenly noticed a white sphere, which was flying from west to east. The white light pulsed and then changed its color from red to green to blue, before it again shined white. This was entirely new to me. After several minutes the luminous object stood directly above the pulpit, before it suddenly was completely dark. The light had disappeared, as if turned off. Downstairs from the house plaza others had witnessed the same spectacle, among them Billy. When I called out to him, whether he had been able to see the object, he answered that for this very reason he had stepped outdoors.