Night Sighting

by Erwin Mürner
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 321
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

I had an interesting experience on Saturday evening in July 1986, when I, together with other persons, stood outside the residence plaza of the Center. We became eyewitnesses, when suddenly in the sky diagonally across from the carriage house [see map, No. 8], a red fireball was to be seen, which abruptly extinguished itself as if a switch had been pressed. After several seconds the fireball was again visible, and from top downward waves began to move through it. At the same time, nevertheless, the object whizzed towards the direction of Sitzberg [a couple miles to the northeast].

Two weeks later a man who had worked in the same firm as I related to me that on Saturday, two weeks before, he had been driving with his son from a hospital visit. In Turbenthal [about 3 miles to the northwest] the youth suddenly asked, "Dad, what's that object in the sky?" They both could observe a disk-shaped object, which very quickly took off into the distance. For us at the Center this shape was not discerned because it was too far away. It then no longer especially amazed me that they had made the sighting at the same time as we in Hintersmidrüti.