Landing Tracks of Menara's Ship

by Guido Moosbrugger
in And Yet... They Fly (Tulsa, OK: Steelmark LLC, 2001), p. 112

On each of the winter days of November 23, 1977 and February 21, 1978, one such track [left behind by a landing of Menara's ship] was laid directly in front of Billy's residence in Schmidrüti [see map, No. 19]. In this cold time of the year, the entire place was covered by a 10-12 centimeters (4-5 in.) thicklayer of ice. But as a result of the very hot gas flow that radiated from Menara's ship, the ice had melted at the landing site almost completely down to the ground. In this connection, there is something else worthy of mention. The track of November 23, 1977 was made during a lightning-fast visit from Menara. In fact, the visit took place within 10 minutes, the exact time it takes for Billy's wife, Kalliope, to take one of her children to the nearby school and return home. A skeptic would then have to figure out how it would be possible for Billy, a one-armed man, to melt such a large area of ice within 10 minutes in broad daylight without being seen by anyone.

[Note: Menara is a dark-skinned woman from the Lyra star system. She belongs to one of the races befriended by the Pleiadians who were stationed on Earth for eleven years (1975-86). She often acted as contact person in place of Semjase or Quetzal.]

Photo by Meier of circular landing track left behind after Menara's 10-minute visit of Nov. 23, 1977.
The circle is about 5 ft. in diameter and located between the carriage house (in photo) and the main
residence located behind the photographer. Photo from Moosbrugger, G. ...und sie fliegen doch (1991), Fig. 37.