Locked Out

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Guido Moosbrugger
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 186-87
by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

On September 4, 1977, after Billy received an advance message via telepathy from Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah that on short notice he would have a contact, his 79th, inside one of their Pleiadian space ships, he was beamed out of his office. At that point in time, when he was taken forth, both office doors had been locked, and the key attached to his key ring was even still sticking into the lock on the inside front door of the office, which leads directly outside.

After the contact conversation, which apparently had lasted a long time [282 sentences from Semjase plus another 15 minutes of time], through oversight Billy was not transported back into his office, but deposited in the hallway of the residence. The rest of the story and the resulting agitation can be imagined without much trouble. Subsequently -- as already mentioned, both doors were locked from the inside and no emergency key was on hand. An extra key, a skeleton key, had to be made, and with its help both doors were opened, after which Billy could retrieve his keys and resume his work.

Further witnesses: Englebert Wächter, Bernadette Brand, Claire Frei, Renato and Mariella Ventura, Milivoj and Maria Ivencevic, Kalliope Meier, Adolf Berroth, Elsi Moser, Olgi Walder, Margret Flammer, Amata Stetter, Hans and Konrad Schutzbach, Herbert Runkel, Marcel Hirt, and Jacobus Bertschinger.


Excerpt from Contact No. 79, Saturday, 16 July 1977, 15:37 hours
from Wendelle Stevens, Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 4, p. 104

Meier... Dear girl, this is a bit of a surprise, that you take me directly from out of the office. I was just starting to write some letters. But, girl, I am extremely much delighted to see you again. It has been such a very long time since we have seen each other, around four months. Where have you been for so long, and what have you been doing? You know, we all have waited longingly for you and missed you very much.

Semjase... 1/This is a very dear welcome, and I offer my thanks to you for it. 2/As well enjoy very much that I can be here again, for I feel very much connected to you all. 3/The time was very long for me, but I had to treat it like I did, and had to be absent. 4/The reason is, that I surely would not have been able to keep myself out of your concerns, thus I would have been helping you in different matters, though I was not permitted to do so. ...