Wednesday, July 13, 1977, 9:16 pm

written by Billy Meier (in 3rd-person form)
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 170-71
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, June 2011

Herbert, Mitcho, Jacobus, Hans and Billy were out preparing concrete on a clear, starry night, when suddenly, directly over Hinterschmidrüti, out of nowhere a strongly radiating, round light appeared at a very low height and slowly moved to the east. It was so nearby that one could almost grab it, so it seemed, and it moved very leisurely as if time were of no importance.

The very brightly radiating object, of about football size [if it had been witnessed very close by], pulsed in a moderately slow-motion rhythm, only to suddenly flare up very glaringly. After about 30 seconds, as it was disappearing behind the fir trees on the range of hills to the east, Kalliope and Amata, with Atlantis calling out from behind, came running out of the house and were also able to still see the phenomenon.

Concerning the anticipated question from Herbert to Billy, whether he knew what the ship or "thing" that flew by had involved, and whether he had perhaps picked up a telepathic call, he answered that this had not been the case. Though to be expected as a rule, it nevertheless didn't mean much because often it happens that Menara, Semjase and Quetzal or another of the Pleiadians or their friends fly by without informing him, yet minutes later transmit a dear greeting to Billy in telepathic form. So it was on this evening.

After the flyby of the object, which had moved past at only a few hundred meters height, we all went back to work, for we very much wanted the concrete to be ready. But that lasted only six or seven minutes when Billy cried out to all and pointed to the sky where a telemeter disk was flying high above, which was followed at short intervals and from different directions by three more craft, including a turbojet, which flew by to the west at about 4000 meters height. Then it was quiet again, but for only a few minutes, for soon Billy came and explained to us that he should deliver us a very dear greeting from Semjase. Then, naturally, the questions flew, for we all knew that Semjase had been away for around four months, and this must be her first time back. So, naturally, the first question was whether the object flying by had been Semjase's ship, etc., which Billy confirmed with a grin. The girl [Semjase], so he explained, had sent him only a short greeting, and explained that it was just a quick flyby to greet us and inform us that now, after a long absence, she was again back. In addition, she would call Billy to a Contact in the coming days.

Thus Semjase is again back, and we all are naturally extremely anxious to learn everything that she has to say and explain to us in the next and further Contacts.

[Note: This account was first published in Stimme der Wassermannzeit. No. 18, (Aug.-Oct. 1977). Next, another report on the same event.]

A Display, Who Flies There?

written by Bernadette Brand
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 171-72
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, June 2011

I had spent the whole day of July 13, 1977, at the Center in Hinterschmidrüti. That was the norm at that time, because I did not assume my new position in Bern until August 2nd.

The day had been arduous, and I finished shortly before 21:00 hours to drive home. Then I still lived in my parents' house in Schottikon, a part of Räterschen, somewhat more than 20 kilometers distant from the Center. In around 20 minutes I could be at the house, and I looked forward to bed.

The night was warm and the stars were out, when I drove into Waltenstein and up the hill by the old schoolhouse in order to get some gas at the level stretch of the hill. Scarcely was I past the schoolhouse when I had the strong feeling that I must stop. So strong was the impression that I stepped on the brake and pulled to the side of the road. Somehow I had the distinct impression that I was going to see something right away, and so it then was. Suddenly my seeking eyes fastened upon a bright, radiant light, about as bright as Venus, which moved in a southeasterly direction across the sky. A warm, trusting feeling flowed through me, and I was certain that some one of Billy's contact persons was sending me a greeting. For quite a while I could keep the object in sight over the unforested stretch of the hill, before it became ever smaller in the distance and disappeared into the darkness of the night sky.

Pleased, I drove the final kilometer home. The next day I was not surprised to learn that it was Semjase's ship I had seen shortly after 21:00 hours. Instead, I was very glad that Semjase had noticed me on my homeward trip, and had sent me a thought impulse to make me happy.