An Encounter of a Special Kind by Lanzendorfer

An Encounter of a Special Kind

Liberal Translation of Write-up by H. G. Lanzendorfer
in FIGU Bulletin #32 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., May, 2001)
by J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

It was in the mid-1980s of the last century that "Billy" Eduard A. Meier took the last official photo and film footage of a Plejaren beamship. Since then, there have been, among the members of FIGU, only the opportunity to have relatively "unspectacular" sightings of Plejaren ships at a great distance, much less the opportunity to photograph them. This however changed on 22 April 1998. E. [Edith Beldi], a member of FIGU, spent her holidays in the Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, in April 1998. A trip led her to Luino, a small market town on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore. At about 16:30 hours E. photographed, from the shore of the lake, the flight-craft of the Plejaren contact person, Florena, who had deliberately flown into the exposure range of her camera.

The Plejaren have decided to show themselves increasingly to the members of the Association of FIGU, and also to offer the possibility of photographing their ships. Subsequently, there were several photographs of Plejaren ships as well as exceptional experiences, by the members of the Association of FIGU. (Photos by Freddy Kropf, Silvano Lehmann and Barbara Harnisch, of the 49-member core group, as well as Philip McAiney, Canada, passive member.) Among other things, during a Contact Conversation in Billy's office, Bernadette Brand heard the voice of Ptaah; and one night several more members, who were sitting together with Billy in the kitchen, were in on Florena's [telepathic] call to Billy. Further, several times ships were sighted over the Center in Hinterschmidrüti, and in one case the footprints of Florena were found in the snow behind the house.

Early Sunday morning of February 4th, 2001, I, Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, once again had an encounter of the "special" kind. On that weekend the members of the core group 49 sat at the monthly general meeting, which usually begins on a Saturday evening and as a rule lasts until late into the night. After the meeting I went on my way home in my car.

Early that morning, about 00:40 hours, I left the Semjase Silver Star Center together with the other core-group members. I drove along the Schmidrüti direction and branched off in front of the Freihof Inn on the left [see map, lower left], in order to get onto the highway towards Dussnang via Sitzberg and Schurten. Already at the Freihof Inn I realized, however, that my ten-year-old vehicle, of which I am accustomed actually to absolute reliability, simply was not performing properly. The motor stuttered and almost threatened to stall out. For this reason, I was overtaken by the two following cars carrying Wolfgang and Philia Stauber, Christian Krukowski and Karin Wallén. Only with difficulty I managed to cope with the uphill climb. Arriving on the hilltop, the vehicle still stuttered and jerked, this even though I had already traveled a considerable distance during which time the engine should have become warm enough for normal operation.

In my mind I saw myself with the cell phone of the TCS (Touring Club Switzerland) calling and asking for roadside assistance -- and that in the middle of the night.

Shortly after the junction towards Sädelegg-Allenwinden the road leads left towards Dussnang with a meadow on the left, and to the right past one edge of the forest. The two cars ahead of me had reduced their speed somewhat due to the bad road conditions. They had nevertheless gained a considerable distance over me and were about to make a sharp left turn. But I could see their tail lights well.

It was a very dark night and the sky was cloudy. Only my low-beam headlights threw light onto the road a few meters ahead. Having arrived at the top of the rise with the edge of the forest on my right, the vehicle, still stuttering, was suddenly illuminated by a dazzlingly bright, clear, orange colored flash of light. The entire inside of the car became ablaze as though someone right next to me had triggered the flash of a camera. The light was not, however, some sort of directional spotlight in the form of a point source, such as a police "radar beam" that can be recognized as coming from some direction. To my surprise the contours of my vehicle were literally enveloped by the light, so that I could see the spray-nozzles of the wiper system, even the wiper blades, as well as the contours of the side mirrors, clearly and plainly as a bright light. For a brief moment it seemed as if the clear orange light, in the form of microscopically small lightning, danced along over the contours, curves, corners and edges of my vehicle -- as if the vehicle was under high voltage. The whole event, however, lasted only about as long as the sizzling lightning flash across the sky in a thunderstorm. The light, however, was of such a magnitude and clarity that I was blinded for a fraction of a second. Thereby the image of the illuminated car fittings and contours were branded on my retina as if I had looked into a bright lamp and immediately closed my eyes.

Strangely, I immediately had the impulse in my head, that what had just happened was an encounter with a telemeter disk. The impulse was so clear and definite that I joked about it -- a mere millimeter-size, disk-device thing. That is, years earlier in the Semjase-Silver Star-Center, Eva Bieri had photographed, behind the house, some people at work. Just at the moment she pressed the button of her camera, the telemeter disk activated, accompanied by an orange flash of light. In this way, she caught a bright shining orange object on the film. In hindsight, it was explained that the telemeter disks briefly light up and emit an orange light at an activation or deactivation. Therefore, I went away now thinking that I probably just witnessed such a moment. The experience of Eva took place in the daytime. In my case, however, it was pitch-black night. So I thought that perhaps the light of the telemeter disk had been visible as a much brighter flash.

Without stopping I continued the journey somewhat confused and lost in thought. Shortly before Dussnang, I was amazed that the stuttering and interruptions of the engine were long gone, and it purred along perfectly.

When the members again met at the Center on a Sunday afternoon, I was naturally curious about whether the two vehicles ahead of me had been affected by any unusual phenomenon. Karin Wallén told me this, that she had observed a brief flash of light shortly after the place I've described. She was of the opinion, however, that I must have flashed her and Christian and the others with my headlights with the intention of overtaking them.

This night experience left me no peace. Although I consider such a happening as exciting and interesting, I am not one to fall into a state of exhilarating euphoria. However, I didn't yet know in this impressive case, despite its clarity, whether I had simply been subject to a hallucination or other mirage, or whether some out-of-the-ordinary physical phenomenon had actually taken place.

So, I told the story to Billy on Sunday afternoon. He laughed and told me that he knew this phenomenon very well from his own experience. In all probability it had involved the contact with a sight-screening shield of a large Plejaren object -- probably a manned ship or an unmanned telemeter disk.

It was known to him that Florena was still in the area -- he had already received a visit the night before by Ptaah. This fact he wanted to make known, in order to bring out the details of the experienced event.

Already on Sunday night, the 4th of February, it turned out that a Contact Conversation between Billy and Florena took place, and that my vehicle and I had actually been within the three-meter sight-shield of a telemeter disk. They had monitored the Semjase-Silver-Star Center, and after the meeting had followed me, for some reason not officially mentioned, while I drove away from Hinterschmidrüti. Thus the edge of the energy screen must have approached too close to my car, the consequences of which then showed up as the above described light phenomenon.

In accordance with Florena's and Billy's information, the reason for my car's engine problems could have been the presence of, and the radiation from, the telemeter disk, which problems of course went away when the disk went away.

Thus, in this excetional manner and to my surprise, I had the "pleasure" of an encounter of an entirely "special kind". Well, perhaps it was a nice gift to bring me a small joy -- or perhaps it simply showed once again that the Plejaren are not immune from making "little blunders."