Photographed Pleiadian-Plejaren Beamship in Italy


Liberal Translation of Write-up by H. G. Lanzendorfer and Billy Meier

in FIGU Bulletin #17 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., July, 1998),

See also Zeugenbuch (FIGU, 2001), pp. 387-88

J. W. Deardorff, May, 2011


Summary. On April 22, 1998, a FIGU Core Group member was in Luino, Italy. On this Wednesday she was with some relatives on a small vacation tour, where of course photos were taken. When it was about 16:29 hours in Luino she photographed her travel companion -- with a view over Lake Maggiore. She naturally was looking at the foreground and noticed nothing unusual. Even later, when looking through the developed photos, she saw nothing unusual at first. Then with a detailed inspection, she noticed that on the left in the image, high above the lake, there was an object that bore a tremendous resemblance to the Pleiadian/Plejaren beamships. Under the magnifying glass this is then confirmed.



Photo by Core Group member at Luino, Wednesday, 22 April 1998, 16:29 hrs


Puzzle solution: Since Florena, a Pleiadian-Plejaren beamship pilot, knew of this member’s vacation in the canton of Ticino in Italy, she flew there in order to make the beamship visible to her. This failed, but thoroughly, because the photographer paid insufficient attention to the sky; thus Florena simply moved her ship at the proper moment to position it in the background of a further picture taken when she was photographing her relatives and acquaintances. This declared Florena, the beamship pilot, when I asked her about the circumstances of the presence of a Pleiadian-Plejaren beamship in the mentioned photo of it. -- Billy


Florena's demonstration flight over Luino, Italy


A very popular argument of Billy Meier's antagonists, in order to designate the credibility of his contact with the aliens as fraud, consists of the false assertion that only Billy Meier ever got to witness the Pleiadian-Plejaren beamships, as well as the alien people of the Pleiadian-Plejaren Federation. Also, opposing and defamatory circles claim that only Billy Meier was allowed to photograph the Pleiadian-Plejaren ships -- false information upon which to build their nonsensical model and trick-photography theories. Such statements by Billy Meier's opponents in no way correspond to the truth, and clearly show that the many beamship witnesses from the ranks of FIGU have simply been swept under the rug, to say the least, by the opponents and dissidents.


In the case of Billy Meier, so it seems, there are simply no other witnesses to his testimony, let alone eye-witnesses to the beamship sightings. In the style of the old and narrow-minded way of thinking: “That which cannot be, must not be.”


In the book “…And Yet They Fly!” Guido Moosbrugger lists at least 19 witnesses who have been in on various demonstrations and beamship sightings, sound recordings or extraordinary events associated with Billy Meier's contacts. This number has grown some since 1991.


The fact is that over the last twenty-three years since the first official contact with Semjase on 28 January 1975, Billy Meier could take over a thousand pictures of Pleiadian-Plejaren beamships.


If you exempt the daylight photos of the former member Hans Schutzbach and another member of the Core Group [Edith Beldi] -- which of course being only two in number bear no comparison to the thousand by Billy, it's probably not surprising that the above-mentioned nonsense is maintained and established in the world by the baseless and superficial research of “pseudo-ufologists.”


However, the fact that besides Billy there were two other cases of daytime shots of Pleiadian-Plejaren beamships, which quite clearly involve Pleiadian-Plejaren types of craft, alone proves in deed and truth that Billy could not have suspended any model UFOs. Otherwise Hans Schutzbach and Edith Beldi would also have to be blamed for fraud, conspiracy or fakery by the opposition. This in turn would testify to an indescribable amount of callousness, foolishness and blindness on the part of the obstinate critics. This actually again shows that even thousands of photos and images are not enough to convince people who don’t think using logic, reason and common sense, of the existence of extraterrestrial life. And even possible belief, if not based on one’s own thinking, forms only an accepted opinion and therefore remains worthless and without probative value.


Otherwise, there is the possibility that if Billy Meier actually were a cheat or liar in things like UFOs and aliens, it would make for a very interesting fact that genuine UFO pictures were taken by the ranks of the FIGU membership. A side effect would be that again it would at least strengthen or confirm Billy's mission, namely to awaken people’s awareness of the existence of extraterrestrial life.


In addition, it would be an exceptionally advantageous “accident” for him that the two genuine ships would have exactly the same form as his “false” ships. In short -- it would be a rather paradoxical situation between truth, half-truth, and fraud.


But ultimately the big question, still unresolved for the pathological critics, would be: "Are they actually real -- the aliens, the Plejarens, the contacts of Billy Meier with the extraterrestrial intelligences -- or are they not?"


During the time of the first contacts in the mid-1970s, voices were loud that complained about Billy being the only one allowed by the aliens at contacts and at film or photographic sessions.


“Billy can say a lot; if only he would get the ships and the aliens before our eyes and cameras. Without giving outsiders the possibility of checking his claims, it makes him a sect leader,” so go the arguments of his opposition even today.


This fact at the time led the Pleiadians/Plejarens to offer other members of the Group the possibility of photo shots. These, however, were only on some nighttime demonstration flights, where Guido Moosbrugger and Hans Schutzbach could take some photographs of bright lights (quite apart from the day and night sightings by Group members of Pleiadian-Plejaren ships, which observations were not recorded photographically).


On June 28th, 1976, Hans Schutzbach was offered the opportunity, after Contact #59 between Billy and Semjase, to photograph her beamship and that of her sister Pleija and [the Plejaren] Quetzal, who accompanied them in the Hochacher/Pfaffenholtz/Hinwil region.


During this 59th meeting Pleija, the sister of Semjase, dabbled with the problems of our “barbaric” mo-ped technology, when she allowed Billy to instruct her on his mo-ped for about 20 minutes on the road.


The contact began around 16:14 hrs. Among the guests of Billy's, who were left behind at some distance from him, were "P.", his three children, Mrs. Amata Stetter and Hans Schutzbach, who, around 16:55 hrs, took photo No. 299 (of the FIGU collection and photo album) of the two ships in flight.


Unfortunately, only a single, scarcely usable image resulted because, due to sheer excitement over the flying beamships, Hans Schutzbach was unable to take reasonably good pictures of them. Thus, the only opportunity of getting some daylight photos of Pleiadian-Plejaren beamships by other individuals of the Group besides Billy, was wasted -- until 22 April 1998.


That is, a member of FIGU (Edith Beldi), spent her holidays in Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, in April 1998, accompanied by some friends and relatives. A trip led her to Luino, a small market town on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore. At around 4:30 pm, with a simple camera, Edith photographed her acquaintances standing in front of a post bus on the shore of the lake, with the lake in the background and no premonition of what was hidden in the sky above them.


For over an hour the Pleiadian-Plejaren contact person Florena, who knew of Edith as a FIGU member and of her holiday in the Ticino, tried to attract her attention. Unfortunately it was not managed because Edith’s attention was distracted from looking at the sky by the busy hustle and bustle of the market and by their relatives and acquaintances. Then Florena simply flew her ship into the exposure range of the camera, as Edith photographed her friends and relatives on the shore of the lake, around 4:29 pm.


Although the ship is seen only as a relatively small oblong object on the left upper part of the image, it can still be identified very well in its form as a Pleiadian-Plejaren beamship. In addition, the reflection of the sun in the upper part of the ship’s hull is seen quite clearly.


From the picture Billy immediately had the suspicion that the vessel could only be that of Florena, because her companions’ ships have a quite different shape.


To get to the bottom of things and gain clarity, Billy had a photographer make a cropped enlargement which showed the pictured vessel even clearer. Then, Billy tried to reach Florena telepathically, which he succeeded in doing the night of 8 May. About 21:50 hrs he received a visit from Florena for a few minutes in his living room at Hinterschmidrüti, where the following conversation regarding the photograph took place:


Florena... Greetings, Eduard. Yes, I was unfortunately absent, which is why you could not reach me. I understand you wanted to talk to me right away, because if I am not mistaken, you have called me because you want to ask me for the circumstances of a photograph taken by a member -- or am I wrong?


Billy... No, not at all, precisely because I wanted to talk with you. The member showed me her holiday photos from Ticino and Italy. So I immediately noticed on one photo an object in the sky that looked like a Pleiadian-Plejaren beamship. Under the magnifying glass this was then confirmed. When I showed it to the member and she looked at it, she was astonished and said that she had seen nothing [in the sky] while photographing. I found that understandable, as she was naturally looking at her relatives and acquaintances during the course of photographing. When the member shot the photo, it should have been about 16:30 hrs. The location was Luino in Italy and the date the 22nd of April 1998 - a Wednesday.


Florena... That is accurate. The time was however exactly 16:29 hours, when the member activated the shutter of the camera. -- Now, you have told me that she would be on vacation for a few days in the canton of Ticino, whereupon I thought I could follow her there one time and make my craft visible to her -- with Ptaah’s consent of course, of whom I asked permission because for reasons of the Directives we are usually not allowed to openly show ourselves and make our craft visible. So I spent some hours above the vacation spot trying to let her see my craft, which is why I opened a field of view for her to me, and on several occasions. Unfortunately however she was always looking somewhere else, just not in my direction and so not skyward. I didn’t want to give her any impulse [to look my way], because she then would have drawn attention to her relatives and acquaintances, who of course would have seen nothing, because I had opened the view of my aircraft only to her eyes. Had she said something about being monitored, then she would certainly have been accused of falsehood and fantasy, and perhaps even worse things. So for these reasons I gave up the idea of sending impulses to the member that would draw her attention to me. As a consequence, therefore, I tried to appear in the field of vision of the camera at an appropriate moment just as she once again exposed the film. So it happened that my flying craft was photographed by her.


Billy... That’s about as we have presupposed. Many thanks for your efforts. For us it is really very good that another Group member than I is once allowed to photograph one of your beamships in broad daylight, which actually was previously reserved only for me, with one exception. -- For myself, it was certainly good that it had to involve your beamship, because you are indeed the only one flying such a device. Your co-workers use other ship models, which cannot be confused with yours.


Florena... That’s right, as is also the fact that in previous years only Guido Moosbrugger as well as Hans Schutzbach were allowed to take pictures of our craft. The two could take only night shots, therefore only the bright-light phenomenon could be observed. Hans Schutzbach was in addition allowed to record Semjase’s craft and Quetzal’s on film during the day, but failed miserably, I must say, because while he saw the two craft fly away he was so excited and shaking that he got no picture, as Semjase and Quetzal reported to me.



Now it remains, of course, for each individual to make what he wants out of the above mentioned facts: Whether this new and important piece of evidence can be recognized and accepted or not. Whether it perhaps even serves as a reminder at last to take the trouble to seek the basic and clarity-creating structure around the concerns relating to Billy Meier, or whether the mirror of unreasonable foolishness must continue to bear its smile. The wise decision has a name: "Impartiality, absence of pre-condemnation, evolutionary ascent, or consciousness evolution," etc.