A Loud Beamship Siren

by Christian Krukowski
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 173-4
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, June 2011

It was in the summer of 1977 at the FIGU Center in Hinterschmidrüti. I was visiting the Semjase-Silver-Star Center together with my school friend at that time, Rüdiger Bässler -- it was July or August. Now, more than twenty years later, I had a discussion with my mother and my friend, on the one hand about the date of the experience, and on the other hand, about asking my friend if I may use his name in connection with the event, which he allowed, following which I will, in his name and mine, report the facts we experienced.

Our trip from Kornwestheim (BDR) [just north of Stuttgart, Germany] was partly by railway and in part with our Mo-Peds. Having arrived at the FIGU Center in Hinterschmidrüti, we found a place where we could set up camp for a week in the vicinity of the main residence. Then on a bright midday it happened, when Rüdiger and I were lingering in the middle of the parking place, which at that time was not yet overgrown with trees as it is today. What happened came totally unexpectedly out of the bright clear sky! It was a loud, intense, piercing siren-like whistle, which rang down two or three times from the sky directly above our heads, yet from a considerable height. Astonished and shocked, we gazed up at the sky, but we were unable to see anything, neither an object nor anything else that the loud siren-like noise could have come from. I am still able to remember that I thought this unknown siren-whistle-like noise could not have originated from anything of this world, for it somehow sounded simply supernatural or extraterrestrial. The whole siren-like whistle was unearthly loud and intensive, and had an up- and down-swelling variable pitch that penetrated everything and vibrated through my body. Yet there was simply nothing to see in the cloudless blue sky, from where it all rang down.

My friend and I quickly composed ourselves and searched all around, in case we could find some loudspeaker, but our search was fruitless -- since it would have to have been a loudspeaker high in the sky, for that's where the loud siren-whistle unmistakably came from.

Also, our after-thoughts brought nothing, and we found that it all was extremely foreign and somehow impossible. Hence it could only be that it involved something extraterrestrial -- perhaps the noise of a space ship. Perhaps however someone wanted to play a joke on us, yet how they would have accomplished the loud noise clearly coming from the sky high above remains a mystery to us. Therefore, the only remaining logical answer is that it must actually have dealt with something that hovered high above us, was also invisible, yet was really present. So we did not yet find a solution.

[To fill the reader in on something else that occurred during this experience,] the siren-like whistle had not yet died away when we saw Billy approaching from the east from a nearby forest. He entered the residence while the siren-like whistle over us gradually diminished and distanced itself towards the west. Hence we also went into the house in order to question Billy what the whole thing could be, and why he himself had not been concerned over the loud noise and in spite of it had disappeared into the house, although he could not have escaped the whole thing. From him we were then informed that he had just returned from a contact with the Pleiadians, which had taken place in the nearby forest. Then they flew away -- naturally shielded against all visibility. Nevertheless, apparently the sound-screening device must not have been turned on, following which the loud siren-whistle noise was heard, which for him (Billy) was apparently like an everyday occurrence. Hence he did not pay attention to it. For us, on the contrary, it was a very special event that I can delight in to this day.