Surprise in the Night

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Freddy Kropf
in FIGU Bulletin No. 29 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept., 2000)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

It was in the night of 14 May 2000. I had just begun to shape the beaten bread dough for baking, when Billy, with whom I had been conversing, said that he must go now to his office because he still had some work to do. With some documents in hand, he left the kitchen towards the front door in order, he said, to cast a glance outside. He had not yet reached the front door when he called my name and that I should come out immediately, because a beamship was coming. If I remember correctly he cried out, "Freddy, come quickly, a ship -- Florena." With bread dough on the hands I ran out immediately, while Billy came through the front door into the open, looked up at the night sky, and immediately said, "Look, up there." And actually, as I looked up I beheld a silent flying object moving from west to east over the Center. The object was disk-shaped, looked to be 15-20 centimeters in diameter [if an object of such size were viewed from a certain distance away], shined with a glistening whitish-yellow light, and looked like Bengal Fire [a type of fireworks rocket flare]. We could only see the object for 10-15 seconds before it disappeared over the wooded eastern horizon.

I was somewhat surprised how Billy, before he stepped out of the House into the open, knew that an object (beamship)was flying by, but I didn't need to wait long for an explanation. He let me know that during its travel over the house he had received a telepathic call from the beamship pilot, Florena, that just at the moment she was flying above the Center, and that he should look up, which he and I then both did. It was then just 22:32, as we determined on the basis of our wristwatches.

Back in the kitchen, I formed the remaining dough into bread, after which I again came outside into the open, where Billy still remained. Perhaps I could still see Florena's ship. And indeed, there it was, a smaller and equally silent light flying from north to south, this time only slightly smaller than the first time. All of a sudden, the light blazed very dazzlingly while flying a couple kilometers further over the magnificent starry sky, sparkling brightly. Flying further to the south, it repeated the spectacle, whereupon the light just went out. Only one or two seconds later it surfaced again, and flew back now in a similar way, so now from south to north.

Then suddenly I saw it no more, because due to the strain of searching the night sky for the flying object, my eyes began to burn and everything became blurry. When I opened my eyes again after a few seconds, I again saw the beamship just at the moment when it again blazed out brightly, much stronger and more extensively than the first three times. As Billy explained thereto, it involved four-fold fireworks with safety static energy burns[?], as he had often observed them in the course of his contacts. Shortly after this statement, Billy received a telepathic confirmation pertaining to this from Florena, when we were together in the kitchen. After we were there some minutes, Billy again received a telepathic call, that Florena was again flying over the Center, which is why we quickly ran again into the open at the garage parking place, in order to scan the night sky for Florena's beamship. Yet there, Billy received another telepathic call from Florena, that she must protect her ship from view, because she was flying at a rather low altitude, and because a large passenger aircraft was coming from the east at the same flight level, by which she did not want to be seen. This was at 23:10 hours. So Billy and I kept a lookout for the airplane, but couldn't see or hear one. But suddenly -- after about a minute passed -- a passenger jet ermerged over the eastern horizon of the forest at low altitude, of which not only the flashing navigation lights, but also very obviously the cabin or passenger-room lights could be seen. Shortly thereafter, the drone of the aircraft engines, their reverberation, was heard.

Still to be said, Billy was informed that various people of the Plejarens would be passing over the Center area that night, so that's why Florena was carrying out check flights over the Center region. After midnight on May 15th, at 01:28 hours, a personal contact (Billy's #283) occurred with Ptaah, who was also among those who walked on the grounds of the Center.

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