A Bright Shining Object

Liberal Translation of Write-up by F. Kropf
in FIGU Bulletin #37 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Nov., 2001)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

It was on Sunday, the 26 of September [correction: August] 2001, when I went with Atlant Bieri to Winterthur to bring him to the railway station because he had to return from his vacation from the military barracks at Langenthal, where he was enrolled at the Lieutenants School. Then I went back on the way home. It was already night and a few minutes after 9:30 pm, when I was driving up towards the Schmidrüti valley, that I saw a large shining object in the sky somewhere over the Schmidrüti region. It was too large for a star, but I couldn't decide what it could be. Even for a brightly shining star it shone too strongly, and so I wondered if it could perhaps be a beamship. When I then arrived at the Center parking lot around 9:40 pm, I saw Billy, who came up to me from the fountain-courtyard lamp and said that I had just missed something, because just a few minutes before he had observed a beamship of elliptical form for several minutes, which hovered high over the land west of the Center. The ship had shone very brightly with a whitish-yellow color, and had disappeared to the north just at the moment I arrived.

Continuing to look whether I could still see the object, I explained to Billy that I had also seen the object on the drive home to the Valley. Then we went to the fountain-courtyard lamp [located a few meters west of the fountain (No. 17); see map], and we both searched above the dark horizon, and actually -- it took five minutes -- the bright object reappeared over the dark ridge in the north, and for about 10 minutes we observed how it remained in the same place. It was 9:58 pm when, at Billy's request, I fetched my camera with the 500 telephoto lens and a tripod, and began to photograph. Thereupon Bernadette came, and a few moments later Silvano, too, so we all further observed that the bright object, which in a few minutes slowly drew closer, was in our determination of elliptical form, though due to the great distance nothing more was well determined.

Several minutes of observation went by, during which I could take various photographs. Then another object suddenly joined them to the left, before suddenly flashing aircraft appeared from the left and right, as well as from the background, whereupon the two bright objects suddenly disappeared, as if they had completely dissolved into nothing. This was at exactly 10:07 pm, consequently we saw the first object for around 30 minutes and the second for about five minutes.