Nighttime Encounter

by Brunhilde Koye
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 314-15
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

It was in the year 1983 on Friday, 30 September, after I already had arrived in Hinterschmidrüti and spent the night in the trailer. [The trailer was located just to the west of the upper garage; see map, No. 11 -- the small red rectangle.]

On the night of 30 Sept./1 Oct. I heard footsteps on the courtyard -- for some unknown reason I was awake. As I stepped before the trailer door and had already taken a few steps in order to see who was out strolling so late at night, I suddenly perceived a command within me ordering me to "Remain standing!", which I followed as if under duress. Yet I had already gone a few steps for sure and for this reason could look out to the east onto the road to the garage. On the road there came a white-haired and bearded tall figure. Billy was at that time still dark haired. The figure could not have been he.

A strong feeling of good fortune spread over me -- I felt a warm stream, a whole special oscillation, thereby. The figure wore a white garment, and so was apparent to me in any case, and was as if encircled by light. A delightful feeling of warmth and security, of love and familiarity, filled me, and to this very day this feeling comes and streams over me whenever I recall this memory.

It was many years later when I first learned that I had seen Ptaah and not Quetzal as I had at first surmised, for the latter has dark hair, which I did not yet know at the time, however. Nothing and no one can talk me out of these seconds -- or was it minutes? -- of memories of this encounter with an extraterrestrial human, so enduring and deep has this experience imprinted itself; for that I will always be thankful to Ptaah.

[Note: On this occasion there was apparently an unreported contact of Billy by Ptaah occurring between official Contacts #190 and 191.]