Extraordinary Visit at the Center
Extraordinarily "Great" Visit at the Center

by Brunhilde Koye
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 297-299
translated by J. W. Deardorff, July 2011

It was not long after I came to the Center at Hinterschmidrüti when I wrote the following, in October of 1982:

On 1 October, when I was closing up the trunk of my car at the community parking place at the Center [see map, No. 17'], I turned around as if under a compulsion, blinked in the warm October sun, and then looked down the slope [to the west] at the forest's edge, spellbound. Suddenly there flashed through me the memory (as I have recalled) of a scene I seem to have apparently observed from this point -- or did I see it?

From this higher position (in front of the carriage house) I look [westward] down the steep grassy slope until my glance reaches the forest edge with its tall spruce trees, through whose crowns the sunlight flooded, where my gaze is transfixed on a small moving spruce tree. It moves from right to left, so from north to south -- I am surprised; searching, I see the lower portion of the moving tree -- clearly see the golden-yellow shimmering surface of the cut-off trunk of the spruce, which has no connection to a stump yet does not fall down -- I can't make out the tree's stump. Instead, I suddenly see two very large feet in sturdy shoes, then a tall, bi-laterally symmetric great being who appears in view, carrying the tree whose top extends a few meters beyond his head. "Never heard of such a thing" I think, startled for only a short moment, for things like this already are no longer extraordinary to me. So I stand still, perplexed.

The large man, as such I distinctly recognize him to be, goes to the edge of the meadow's down-slope, and I hear him speaking to someone. But strain as I might, I cannot understand the words. The man gradually walks along further to the left (to the southwest), the tree in arm. My gaze alternately follows the traveling tree top and the strides of the giant man, until I discern him, large as he is, lying on his back. This giant has his arms crossed beneath his head -- apparently the man is resting and relishing the sunshine. Now I also recognize that both men are wearing the same blue-gray one-piece outfits, thus a kind of overalls. Somehow I then know that the tree-carrying man cheerfully lets the other understand that this repose should help refresh him.

This picture imprints itself upon me -- I soon turn aside, shake my head as in a dream, turn around, see my car, and when I again look back at the meadow slope, only the sun's rays are to be seen, which with their glistening light illuminate the upper part of the the slope; the edge of the forest now lies in shade.

In the twilight of the next day I come from the garden, walk slowly to the house, and suddenly see one of the two great, giant men leaning against the house, arms crossed, his head extending beyond the gutter of the roof. To be sure I am astounded, but the figure is already familiar to me; he gives me a friendly grin, which I even remember as a roguish smile.

This is my report from 1-2 October, 1982. At first I was almost convinced I had had a sudden strong memory of a vivid dream -- but what a dream! Was it a hallucination, a vision, or a telepathically transmitted vision? At first, when I had convinced myself of these notions, I related my story to Hanni Bieri while we were both standing together behind my car, and she told me I ought to report it to Billy.

Only after Billy at a later time told us of a visit by two great men named Andron and Anael, did I find the courage to tell him, between ourselves, of my "experience." Actually, I had expected that Billy would laugh at me, but instead, grinning, he told me I should write an article about it.

Meanwhile many years have gone by [since writing it up for the Stimme der Wassermannzeit, No. 85, in late 1982]; if today [circa 2000] one looks straight out towards the spot, the spruce trees -- at that time, small, today quite a few meters high -- block the view and stand as a protective wall about 8 meters distant from my parking place.

Occasionally I have related this sighting of 5-meter tall men to one or another FIGU Group Member -- and here now is the report of my knowledge of this extraordinary visit to the Center. .