Unusual Bright Lights

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Pius Keller
in Zeugenbuch, pp. 434-35 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., 2001)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

The nightwatch job of the FIGU grounds by the core-group membership of FIGU, although a necessary and obligatory duty, is for me always very interesting and instructive; for this service in the nighttime stillness and security is for me an outstanding balance against the hectic daily life, and a good opportunity for me to be in a concentrative and meditative demeanor.

From the night of 5 July into 6 July, 2001, I had the second watch duty, which began in the early morning hours and lasted until the morning, and being the first duty it is partitioned into several rounds. After a short rest pause following the first round, I started on the second. Although during my earlier round the night sky was still overcast with broken clouds, these had dispersed in the meantime, and the stars sparkled clearly in the mild summer night. At around 3:53 I clocked in at the fifth little box, in the approach to our vegetable garden [see map, No. 4]. Therewith some random thoughts shot through my head. Still reflecting on these, I turned in order to continue on my security round. At this moment, while I looked in the direction of Schmidrüti [to the southwest], there appeared for me to view, to the left, above, two lights the size of the full moon -- silent, far off and high in the heavens, moving in a west-to-east direction. In a fraction of a second they disappeared. I was at once wide awake, amazed, and astonished as well over the unusual shining lights. For me this represented an entirely new experience, for until now I had observed at night "only" shooting stars or extraterrestrial craft at great heights. Naturally I was delighted that such an unusual sighting would be presented to me. This strengthened my belief in the existence of extraterrestrial Earth visitors in general, in particular, however, with respect to our friends from the Pleiades (or the stars of the Plejarens). Moreover, the sighting caused me to turn more intensively towards the Teachings and to seek the real truth.