Sighting Report 5-12-2001

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Pius Keller
in FIGU Bulletin #35 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept. 2001)
by J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

On Saturday night, May 12th, 2001, on the occasion of the passive FIGU General Assembly, around 21:45, they were sitting together comfortably in the parking lot next to the carriage house [see map, No. 8] in front of the main building in the Semjase Silver Star Center. Some also conversed while standing. It was a starry, mild spring evening. Coming from the upper parking lot, I ran towards the carriage house, in order to join in with the people in front of the house. At the front of the house entryway I saw Billy, Michael Uyttebroek and one or two more people, who were gazing out in a northeasterly direction at the night sky. So the thought struck me that they could be looking at a craft. I joined them, and looked in the same direction as they were. After only a few seconds, I saw a moving light the size of the twinkling stars in the sky. I watched the moving light and saw that it was not flashing. So it was not an ordinary aircraft, such as a commercial airplane or helicopter, etc. After a while, I also noticed that it didn't fly along a straight trajectory, but in a zigzag course with a slight curve, whereupon it quickly accelerated only to come almost to a standstill shortly afterwards. Suddenly it was gone. Then it was suddenly clear to me that this flying object had to be a beamship. I expressed my opinion to the small group standing by me when Billy, at almost exactly the same time, said that it was a ship. Soon we then saw a flashing airliner, which offered a good comparison. The sighting lasted about half a minute. In my estimation, the ship flew at a height of 7000 to 9000 meters. Later I asked Billy if he had noticed the time of the sighting. When he stated with certainty 21:50 hours, I was surprised, since I had apparently not realized that he had looked at his watch at the time of the sighting.