An Extraordinary Surprise

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Pius Keller
in FIGU Special Bulletin #59 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., 2010)
by J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

When I [Pius Keller] entered the kitchen of the Center on Saturday, October 30, 2010, at approximately 13:20 to work in the afternoon in the in-house print shop of FIGU, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrueti/ZH, I greeted Bernadette, Daniela, Freddy and Kunio who were already there. Bernadette asked where Billy was, because the correction work was to start with Ptaah at 13:30. It was not long until Billy, along with Silvano from the kitchen arrived, and greeted us. In the meantime, Claes, a passive member [of FIGU], joined us. Billy came along with Bernadette right into the living room, where their correction work could commence on time. In this control work of the Contact Reports, Ptaah maintains telepathic contact with Billy and follows along on the basis of their own records together with him, what Bernadette had received from Billy on their computer and later prepared for printing as the Contact-Report Block. Every now and then minor errors or discrepancies occur when retrieving telepathicly recalled reports, which are corrected in this way. Recently Ptaah and Billy were both working together regarding the "Talmud Jmmanuel", which has to be fundamentally revised, corrected and given numerous explanations and comments.

Shortly after the two [Billy and Bernadette] disappeared into the living room, I went to the print shop, where I finished printing the special-letter pages 217-220 of the Special Reports. While the printer was running, I controlled the printed material that was ejected into the printer tray. In between ejections, I would read excerpts from each page and think over what I read.

After the work in the living room was completed, the exceptional meeting having lasted only slightly more than a half hour, Billy went at 2:10 pm into his office, whose entrance is to the left of the printer door. Around 2:15 pm he expected Ptaah [to beam in, in person] for a Contact discussion and for working on the Talmud. Before Billy disappeared into his working area, he checked briefly with me about an appointment with me that we had agreed upon. At the same time, he also told me that Ptaah would be coming as planned -- thereupon I printed out more from the Special Reports of the Teachings of the Spirit. The printing-room door, which is fitted with a large, ribbed glass window, offers free view of the corridor and the entrance to Eva's and Billy's offices. Therefore, one can very well observe who enters or leaves the offices of Eva and Billy. While Contact discussions between Billy and Ptaah took place, neither Eva nor anyone else of the core group would visit Billy to speak with him. Nevertheless, around 2:20 I noticed that a woman came along to the office door and without ringing [or knocking?] disappeared into the offices.

Through the glass door of the printer, I could well observe that the blue-clad woman had shoulder-length dark hair and was of slim stature, before she disappeared from my field of view. Also, the nature of her movements and her manner of entering caused me to wonder. Completely amazed that during the Contact conversation someone entered the office of Eva, which is separated only by an open entryway from Billy's office, I thought at first that it could have been Eva herself. But I immediately rejected this idea, because her conduct, movements and stature bore no resemblance to those of Eva, who also strictly observed never to disturb Billy during discussions. Because the figure and dark hair of the observed person rather showed a certain similarity with Philia Stauber, I wondered if maybe it could have been she, which however also made no sense. Therefore, I decided to ask Billy once our paths would cross after his discussions with Ptaah. Promptly he entered the printing room, right afterwards, to tell me something, and I took the opportunity to gain clarity on the female visitor. He confirmed my observations, and I learned that shortly after the beginning of the conversation between him and Ptaah, Florena [another Plejaren] came from outside [was beamed in] into the office and had sat on the sofa and read a book. Billy confirmed all my observations and told me that her blue clothes were a jumpsuit. My question, whether she had come with her own spaceship, he denied, and he told me that she had come together with Ptaah. The amazing fact that Florena had materialized within the entryway in front of Billy's office, Billy said to be the case. [Keller didn't need to mention that neither Ptaah nor Florena were observed to leave the office area.]