Two Sightings in the Summer of 1978 by Earnest Keller-Muller

described by Wendelle Stevens
in UFO...Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report (Tucson, AZ: UFO Photo Archives, 1982), pp. 158-59

Mr. Earnest Keller-Muller from the small town of Schalchen, near Wila, in the summer of 1978, had come out of his house to feed his dog when he observed four and possibly five bright luminous objects in the early evening sky to the southeast. At first there were only two or three of the objects moving in a random pattern and then one more came zig-zagging in from the left and another from the right the same way and they stopped and hovered stationary together there in the sky above. During all this time the lights would occasionally disappear and then suddenly reappear in another place. These lights were different from the silver-white stars because they were initially a yellow-orange in color and then changed through red, green, blue and orange shades. They pulsed in increasing and decreasing brightness and size, and they moved in an undulating and zig-zagging pattern, and sometimes with a jerky motion. They also stopped occasionally, and at other times simply "jumped" from one place to another. Keller-Muller went into the house for binoculars and hurried back out to watch this aerial spectacle.

The newly approaching lights joined the first two and they stood still in the sky for a short time and then just disappeared by "blinking out," and were gone. The objects seen in the sky were completely silent.

This man's second sighting of the strange nocturnal luminous objects took place about three weeks later, on 1 August 1978, at dusk, between 20:00 and 21:00 when Mr. Keller-Muller observed three similar lights to the east-northeast of Schalchen. [Schalchen is about 4 miles west of Hinterschmidrüti.] This time he noticed three yellow-orange luminous objects to his east. They were going through the same pulsing brightness and color changes as before, and he thought they might be the same objects. They were hovering stationary in the sky about 30 degrees above the horizon and slowly drifting north. Then he saw the two objects on the right and left flash beams of white light, like automobile headlights, at the center one and then at each other. Then the center one flashed a beam of white light to the ground and descended abruptly in a vertical motion to near the tree-top level.

The point of descent was in the direction of Schmidrüti, and almost that far away. After this witness and his wife told this story to a few acquaintances, a lady who worked with his wife told her about hearing of a Herr Meier at Hinterschmidrüti who also had reportedly seen UFOs. A few days later Mr. Keller-Muller obtained the telephone number of Meier at his home and called him and told him about his own observation the night he saw the three objects and one had descended. Meier answered him by telling him briefly of his own contact with Quetzal that same evening near Schmidrüti about the same time, and invited Mr. Keller-Muller to come over and discuss their observations. When he did so, he found that others there at Schmidrüti had also observed this phenomenon.

[Note: Meier's records of Contact Reports do not show any contact for 1 August, 1978 -- just Contact #112 on July 19, 1978, and #113 on Aug. 6 , 1978. However it is quite possible that a more private contact occurred on Aug. 1st whose content was not to be aired. On Contact #112 Meier had expressed to Quetzal and Semjase his determination to no longer lead the FIGU Group (with all its internal problems) and no longer be concerned with its internal affairs, thus backing out of his mission. By Contact #113, however, he changed his mind and reported his solution to the problem to his alien contactors, which they found satisfactory. Hence, there might have been an unrecorded intervening contact, on Aug. 1st, in which Quetzal persauded Meier not to give up.]