Beamship Sighting No. 2
by P. Kalista
in FIGU Special Bulletin #63 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., October, 2011)
Translation by J. W. Deardorff, January 2012

And again an affirmation for me, that BEAM [“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier] speaks the truth. It was on June 25th 2011, when I came back to a lecture at the Semjase-Silver-Star Center, where I wanted to complete some days of my general work commitment. It was then late in the evening, on Tuesday, June 21, when I sat on a folding chair in front of my camper at the Center’s biotope park, which I usually do when the sky isn’t cloudy, looking out at the beautiful starry sky and of course hoping to see something other than just the stars and passing aircraft.

It happened but nothing like I expected. I suddenly heard steps coming from the Center towards the parking area, causing me to ask myself who would be out walking at this late hour in the dark, because after all it was already 22:20 hrs. As the late night walker came nearer I realized it was Billy, so I warmly welcomed him, and he said that he was often out at night in order to stretch his legs a bit. Then, he asked whether I maybe would have seen a disoriented person, namely a deranged man passing by the parking place in a car with Dutch identification, who accused Billy of being a defrauder and debtor as well as a kidnapper of Asket. As his reason, this man claims that his father had paid Billy a great deal of money so that he would kidnap and hold captive the extraterrestrial Asket, which money Billy, together with one of his stepsons, had kept in place of his father. He, this mad man, screams out that he was married to Asket and with her had a daughter, and that he wants the large amount of money back that his father had paid for the abduction. Billy explained that this man had twice before spread around this fantastic story in Schmidrüti and angered the people, and that this was again the case also on this day until late into the night.

Well, replying to Billy's question, I was for quite some time relaxing in the motor home, which has no windows that would reveal the parking lot there, so I therefore could not see who came to the parking lot and drove past. After a further brief conversation, Billy asked me if I would like to go with him to the Freihof in Schmidrüti, because he wanted to see whether the funky man was still in the parking lot there so as to expel him from the place. Of course I would like to do that, I said, and so we marched off. When we were already by the first house of Schmidrüti, I noticed a large radiant object without navigation lights flying from the west towards Schmidrüti and strongly shining. Thereupon Billy took note of it and looked at his wristwatch; it was just 22:25 hrs. Then he briefly stood in silence, concentrating. Apparently, he was listening to the object above, which shone about as brightly in the sky as the evening star Venus sometimes does. Then after a few seconds he said that the bright object was a Plejaren beamship piloted by Florena, who had communicated with him telepathically. Then he went on the road to the end of the houses, stopped, and said that a core group member, Daniel, lives there, and he would also make him aware of the object. Unfortunately no light was on in Daniel's home, and he was apparently already asleep.

Then Billy and I walked about ten meters further while he had became very quiet and concentrated strongly upon the bright object, which in complete silence slowly approached, and without any noise slowly flew over Schmidrüti and away to the east. Apparently Billy tried to get further information from Florena while concentrating, but as he said, there was no reaction. So we both watched the bright shining object that somehow radiated a yellow color but was absolutely silent while continuing to travel at not too high an altitude. As it disappeared far to the east behind the tree horizon, Billy looked at his watch and noted that it was then 22:29 hrs; therefore we saw the beamship for just under four minutes. For my part I mentally sent thanks to Florena for the wonderful and, for me, delightful sighting she had offered us.

When the object was gone, we walked on to the Guest House parking place, but there was no parked car to be seen; consequently the funky man probably had left Schmidrüti. So we went back the same way to my motor home, where I asked Billy whether I should accompany him back to the Center, whereupon he replied that though I was a head taller than he, that he nevertheless was big enough to be able to walk alone. This was of course not to be contested. So we said goodbye, and I returned to my camping chair with a smile, sat myself down in it and mused for some time about the weird incident that had taken place that night through a pleasing coincidence. -- Yes, something can happen at the Center when dealing with Billy's writings and books, as well as when engaging him or walking with him -- and of course much more.