UFO Report

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Barbara Harnisch
in FIGU Bulletin #29 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept., 2000)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

From June 1-4, 2000, I spent a short break in Saig, above Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, Germany, with my parents, my cousin and her boyfriend. After a hike along the Schluchsee, we sat on the terrace of our hotel in the early evening of June 3rd, where we enjoyed the wonderful views and the warm wind. This Saturday it was very hot and humid, and it looked almost as if a thunderstorm was brewing. The cotton-like clouds moved with great speed across the otherwise steel-blue sky and quickly changed their shape and color. Such natural spectacles have always fascinated me, which is why I watched, enchanted, as ever new "figures" from the cloud masses formed and dissolved again. When the sun was obscured by a huge cloud and its rays were glistening visibly on the cloud, I had to think of my friend who loves such feelings as well as I. For this reason I picked up my camera and pointed it upwards toward the sky to take three or four appealing pictures. While taking the snapshots, I very briefly thought that a "ship" could be close by. Possibly Yes, but immediately I rejected this idea because the Plejaren certainly have better things to do than what we were doing -- gazing at the Black Forest!

Two weeks later I showed my photos to some of the Core Group members in Hinterschmidrüti, because to my mind they had turned out really well. Hans-Georg Lanzendorferlooked at the cloud formations, handed me a picture, and said that there was a ship there. Laughing, I answered him, "For sure already!", because for me the black dot between the clouds was more like a passing bird.

Below: Enlargement from
photo by Barbara Harnisch

Yet Hans-Georg was not persuaded by this presumption, and showed the photo to Billy, who immediately took his magnifying glass to hand and showed me the contours of the vessel. Astonished and very glad, I handed him the negative, which he wanted to take to the Photographers for an enlargement. Two days later he told me that I had captured the ship of the Plejaren Zafenatpaneach, who apparently had had something to do in the Black Forest. If Zafenatpaneach wanted to make me happy, he has succeeded masterfully, even though I noticed absolutely nothing while taking the snapshots other than just those brief thoughts, which however have almost appeared a little cheeky to me!