Sighting Report

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Barbara Harnisch
in FIGU Bulletin #35 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Sept., 2001)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

On the evening of 18 August 2001, Andreas and I disengaged ourselves from the few FIGU core-group members in the kitchen at Hinterschmidrüti, who, after our monthly spiritual-teaching hour, had also briefly stepped into the kitchen to help out a bit.

Most core-group members were already driving home. Around 10:50 pm we both went to our cars, which we had parked above the garage. It was a very nice night, and in the distance one could see the flashes of light from lightning, yet it was quite warm and clear with stars. Quite automatically I looked up to the heavens, because the sight of the glittering splendour of light always fascinated and delighted me. Almost immediately I saw, high above, a traveling light (#1) approaching from the west, and drew Andreas's attention to it. We stopped and said, both as from one mouth, "No, there are two!" Parallel to the first, a second light flew slightly below, and then I discovered yet a third light, which traveled at a right angle and at a somewhat further distance from the second light. The three lights moved from west to east, at a very leisurely pace and in an unchanging formation. It looked as if an acute-angle triangle were moving across the sky, whose sides were not extended. Sketch A:

For a good three minutes we looked at the lights that journeyed, equally spaced, and of equal size and brightness. Our necks were already hurting from looking up by the time the lights were over the forest next to the turret[?]. Now it looked as if its "structure" would change direction and now, with the upper light at the bottom, very slowly settle downwards. Sketch B:

Probably that description worked only for us, because the relatively short distance between the garage and forest at our location [see map, at No. 11] must be converted to hundreds of kilometers high in the sky.

Then the front (or bottom) light was suddenly no longer to be seen, and the other two also seemed to lose their brightness. We were distracted by noises in the hiking trail above the house, and when I looked up at the sky again, I could see only stars. Very impressed and pleased, I drove home around 10:55 pm.