My First UFO Sighting

by Elisabeth Gruber
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 282-83
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, June 2011

For a few days I lived with my family in Hinterschmidrüti. On the spring morning of 23 April, 1982, around 9 a.m, I was sweeping the area between the residence and the chicken yard [in the back of the house; see map, between No. 9 and No. 13].

Unexpectedly Billy came out of the kitchen. I saw that he was attentively looking up at the sky. Apprehensively I tried to track his gaze, and followed along after him a few steps. After a few moments he spoke to me, "See, there is Quetzal with his ship," and at the same time showed me its position in the sky with outstretched arm, by which he indicated the exact position of the object.

A joyful shock flashed through me -- indeed, I could unmistakably and quite clearly see the disk-shaped ship moving along in the morning sky. From my standpoint the ship looked to have a diameter of about 70 centimeters, hence it was of enormous size. It seemed to frequently change its orientation, for one time I saw it shaped almost as a girder, and then again as a proper disk.

Immediately the thought flashed through my head that this would also be a special event for my man, so I yelled out to him. However, the good man is unfortunately not there when I need him, and I had to conclude, to my regret, that he was not within hearing range. Later I learned that he had been out at the Menara-landing site [several hundred meters away where Menara's ship had once left landing tracks in the meadow grass]. At the same time Billy called for Bernadette, who was in the bathroom. Upon her question to him as to what was up, he summoned her to come immediately, that Quetzal's ship could be seen.

In the meantime, Billy and I observed that the speed of Quetzal's ship had increased, and immediately Billy pointed out the reason for this action. In the same direction of flight an airplane was to be seen, and it appeared almost as if Quetzal's ship was being followed. Very quickly then Quetzal's ship became smaller, and when it was already at a great distance and appeared very small, only then did Bernadette finally arrive at our spot. Billy showed her the position of the craft and we then all observed it together, as with ever increasing speed the object quickly distanced itself until it could no longer be seen.

Subsequently Billy clarified for us that he had been in front of the house when he had been telepathically called by Quetzal. Quetzal had greeted him and communicated to him that his ship was to be seen in the sky over the house. Billy explained to us that he had tracked the ship (which looked to be of 1-meter size [if seen from a distance like 1/2 mile]) from in front of the house through the kitchen to the back side of the house, in order to keep it in better view. Thereby I was outside for a sighting of exceptional delight, which was even more appreciated for having been a daytime sighting. For me this event remains unforgettable, for although the Pleiadians have often allowed their ships to be seen at night, it was an extraordinary rarity for them to have granted us this event in the daytime.