My First True "UFO" Event

by Christian Frehner
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 351-2
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

It was in the early 1980s when I repeatedly looked closely at the starry night sky and often observed traveling (i.e., flying) points of light, which moved in different directions and with different speeds across the firmament. I always asked myself, in each case, whether it involved a satellite or a so-called UFO. To me, it was known that satellites are only visible when they reflect the sunlight. An object which travels in the so-called Earth's shadow and at the same time radiates light would therefore certainly be no satellite! -- Gradually, however, I ceased being concerned about the matter, and, for example, about the orbital height of the satellites, or the extent of the Earth's shadow in relation to the time of year and night. Anyway, it became not so important to me to know whether the point of light was a so-called UFO or a satellite.

Then, in the night of 1-2 June 1991, I was finally allowed to experience my first certain sighting of an extraterrestrial object, as set forth here below.

It was almost midnight after our monthly Core Group General Assembly at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, when I, together with other Core Group members, stood on the west side of the carriage house [see map, No. 8] and saw, in a southwesterly direction in the cloudy sky, three bright spots of light moving in large elliptical-shaped paths. At first I thought that it could involve a laser projection being beamed up at the night sky from a discotheque or open-air festival, etc., for advertising purposes. Such I had already been able to observe occasionally on weekends at home, nevertheless at times only a single point of light moved, and in swift hectic movements (understandably if one thinks of the hectic music and the intended effect of advertising!). -- On the aforestated evening I must consequently admit that Billy was right, as he excluded this laser-show possibility because the three lights actually moved too slowly and over too wide an expanse of the night sky. The flying craft were not hot-air balloons or insect swarms, so what then? -- The riddle's solution finally came as a consequence of Billy's next meeting with Ptaah, which occurred on the 20th of December, 1991. Ptaah explained that we had seen the shining ionization envelopes of three very large space ships stemming from the DAL Universe. This only for research purposes involving very large spaceships of a great fleet that moved high above the high cloud deck, in order to be able to persue their research work undisturbed in the region above Pfäffiker Lake and Greifen Lake.


A Fantastic Spectacle

by Madeleine Brugger
and "Billy" Eduard Meier
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 352-5
translated by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

In the early morning hours around 01:30 on 2 June, 1991, we of the Core Group at the Center, after our gathering, could observe the following: We were still sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee when Elisabeth Moosbrugger came running in and called upon us to follow her outside, because something was going on high in the sky that we should not miss. So we all hurried outside, namely Billy, his wife Kalliope (Popi), Jacobus Bertschinger, Christian Frehner, Andreas Schubiger and I behind Elisabeth, who had quickly left the kitchen again. Outside, we ran on the road to the parking area by the FIGU monument [see map, No. 7]. Near our destination, three enormous shining lights attracted our attention (of Elisabeth and me), which were to be seen in the west in the high hanging clouds, and which moved until they were high over our location by the flagpole and the carriage house [map, No. 8]. The three disk-shaped light-spots, which stood out clearly through the thick cloud, could be discerned clearly, one pulsing and turning to the right. The shining lights themselves were a whitish color and gigantic -- a reasonable estimate is about 300 meters in diameter, each one of the three. Naturally we puzzled over this phenomenon, about what it could involve -- but without any solution. Then, after observing them for about an hour, the shining lights suddenly disappeared. We discussed the event still further for some time in the kitchen, where the possibility was mentioned that it might have involved a laser projection. However, this idea was quickly thrown out because everything spoke against it, including to be sure the immense size of the light spots and also the pulsing and rotating motions, and above all, also, because it was clearly visible that the cloud was not illuminated from underneath or even from the ground, but that this happened from the upper half of the cloud.

Finally it so happened that Billy, who also had no explanation, himself offered to ask Ptaah, the spaceship commander and Ischwisch [spiritually evolved leader] of the Pleiadians/Plejarens, on his next visit, whether he or some other persons in his group knew something about the phenomenon, or whether perhaps the Pleiadians/Plejarens themselves had played a role in it.

On Friday, the 20th of December 1991, around 00:28 hours, the long expected contact with Ptaah occurred, whereby we came to learn from Billy the explanation for the shining lights of 2 June. As his Pleiadian/Plejaren friends explained to him, it involved three large spaceships from the neighboring DAL universe -- the twin universe to ours, which is the DERN universe, as the Pleiadians/Plejarens name these. The ships were here for exploration and research in our universe, whereby they also closely examined the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. They sheltered themselves behind the thick clouds, in order that they not attract the attention of the spiritually underdeveloped earth humans; one was able to see only the light of ionization of the hulls as well as the rotating to the right and pulsing movements of the white shining lights, which offered us the observation of a fantastic spectacle.

Following are exerpts of this sighting/observation from the written, not-yet-released 239th Contact Report of 20 December 1991, which occurred in the first morning hour around 00:28 hours:

Billy... ...Something else. Is there anything known about something special that happened on June 2nd of this year? It was on the night of our monthly gathering and, on the one hand, occurred during our meeting and, on the other hand, afterwards and to be sure after midnight, high in the sky?

Ptaah... If your question refers to the three circular shining lights that were visible, high in the sky behind the clouds during several hours, and which continuously moved around in showy circles in the same space many kilometers in diameter...

Billy... But now what was with the comical lights, which must have been several hundred meters in diameter, putting on a show -- and...

Ptaah... Naturally I must not fail to explain: The three great and circular shining lights, which showed up for several hours, involved three spaceships that belong to a large fleet of our friends from the DAL universe, and which were visiting the Earth. They stayed for several days in Earth space and even over your Center and in its close vicinity. On that night they circled over Lake Pfäffikon and Lake Greifen, in order to conduct research on them. In order, neverthelss, to be shielded against the inquisitive eyes of Earthmen, they remained well above the high clouds, through which, nevertheless, the ships' radiant ionized hulls could be seen from the Earth, glistening through the clouds, though they could not be observed by many people.

Billy... That would already have been when they allowed us to see them. Was Asket perhaps there also?

Ptaah... No, she did not come to our universe. The entire fleet involved craft that were equipped only for research purposes, so also the three which you could observe.