Flying Weather

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Silvano Lehmann
in Zeugenbuch 1959--2001 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., 2001), pp. 419-21
by J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

On July 6th, 2000, having just come back from Wil/SG [in the canton of St. Gallen in east Switzerland], I, Silvano Lehmann, wanted to go in the garden to fetch some vegetables [see map, No. 4], while Billy happily settled himself in the kitchen with some coffee [see map, No. 9]. But suddenly he shot up and shouted: "Enjana is flying by to the west of the Center." So we ran outside to view the telepathically announced beamship as Billy quickly reached for the ready-to-go camera in the house, in case he could take a picture. Hastily we ran to the west side of the Center and searched the interspersed greyish-white and nearly cloudless sky, and after a brief moment of searching saw, actually at 2:55 pm, a flying craft at a considerable distance. Hurriedly the camera with its 200mm telephoto lens on zoom was steadied upon the flying object, wherein it could clearly and undoubtedly be recognized as a Plejaren beamship. Quickly, a picture was taken [by Silvano], before the ship suddenly disappeared from the scene, following which it was no longer observable and thus not seen by Natan Brand, who had now joined us.


In the early evening of the same day, both Billy and I (Silvano Lehmann) had been occupied with coiling up the garden hoses and started on the way to the Center’s main building, when Billy said: "Come quickly, Silvano, the Plejaren Enjana is flying again in the western sky.” Immediately, we ran back to the garden and searched the sky, which was now beautifully blue, in contrast to the afternoon, and which exhibited two or three sporadic clouds. However, there was nothing to see, and we wanted to return to work, when Billy received another telepathic call from Enjana. He said: “The ship will appear out of the glaciated cloud and fly northward.” So we watched the cloudscape intensely, and there, all of a sudden, Enjana’s ship surfaced. It looked to be the size of a large grapefruit [at some distance away!], and we saw it at precisely 8:13 pm. Suddenly the beamship disappeared into the cloud, however, causing us to want to go back to our work. But again, Billy picked up a telepathic call and said: “Enjana’s ship will appear once again, to the right and below the end of the cloud.” So we remained at the place and waited for about half a minute, to see how the beamship again shot out from the cloud and how a small elliptical form lit up in the sun’s reflection, then simply disappeared without a trace. This repeat was at 8:45 pm, at which time the sightings were finally over.

Unfortunately we did not have the photo camera on hand at the last two sightings; thus, only the extremely successful photography of the afternoon at 14:55 remains to allow the clear recognition of a Plejaren beamship.