Sighting Report

Liberal Translation of Write-up by Harry Dicker
in FIGU Bulletin #4 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: Aug., 1995)
by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

It was in 1994 during the Passive Group General Assembly, to which I had come at the Center in Hinterschmidrüti, along with my mother, whom I took along for a few days holiday in Switzerland because I would be working during the day there at the Center. In the evening after the General Assembly I went from the Center back to the Freihof Inn to see if my mother was already back, and in order to tell her that I would stay a while in Hinterschmidrüti. Then, I strolled back to the Center, but on the way I observed something that I cannot 100 percent explain to this day.

When I came across the parking lot, I saw Mrs. Elisabeth Moosbrugger. She was standing on the edge of the hanging-side parking lot, and looking down in the direction of the Valley. When I greeted her, she looked at me somewhat startled, and responded somewhat strangely, probably because she did not know me by name or by face, so I suspect. And it was at this moment, when suddenly a shining object flew through the Valley relatively close to the Center and completely silently.

Well, I was scared and at the same time afraid that I might miss something. As a result, I ran over to the Center where the people were quite calmly eating and talking with each other. Seemingly of all those present, none noticed anything or perceived the light object I had sighted.

For my part, I have of course tried to find a normal explanation for my observation. First, it is not normal that an earthly object of this type and with such a luminous appearance and such speed could fly completely silently, and secondly, it is also not normal that ordinary people would not be aware of such an object. At the least, it could not be any balloon, normal aircraft or helicopter. --The luminosity itself could not have been any reflection, because everything looked very different. The light was absolutely constant and was visible during the entire flight of the object. The sunlight was not strong enough to produce such an effect, but if that were nevertheless possible, how would this effect be able so quickly to traverse the Valley? Also, the angle of the sun's rays was not right for providing an explanation for the phenomenon. And then the flight trajectory: for a normal flying object, such as an aircraft or helicopter,etc., this would be far too dangerous and would certainly be banned.

Now, for me the mysterious glowing flying object has always been, and still remains, a UFO, because I could not identify it, and also still can't today. --Perhaps I can one day explain everything: that it was just an IFO, an interplanetary flying object or simply an identified flying object.