My First UFO-or Beamship Sighting

Liberal Translation of Write-up by P. Chenaux
in FIGU Bulletin #23 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., July 1999)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

In the late evening of May 28th, 1999, a few people and I sat chatting on current events at the large table in the kitchen of the Semjase Silver Star Center. The clock hand had just barely slipped to 22:40 when Billy, with various work yet to attend to, took leave of us and left the kitchen, only to reappear shortly and tell us that we should immediately come outside into the open, because Silvano Lehmann and he had discovered something in the night sky.

Billy's summons led us all, namely Freddy Kropf, Natan Brand, Andreas Schubiger and myself, Patric Chenaux, to rush outside immediately. Outdoors, Silvano and Billy with outstretched hands up to the moonlit sky pointed to where we all immediately saw, just above the Center in the distance, a big, whitish-yellow, radiant light, roughly corresponding in size to Venus in the late evening sky when it is bright and clearly shines, as was the case at this time with Mercury, which still stood beaming in the western night sky.

It was a warm, calm and quiet night, and the last phase of the waxing Moon sent out its bright light over the whole landscape, although for us it was seen just through the tree leaves to the right of the standing trees. So we six stood on the house square [see map, south side of house, No. 9], looking up at the whitish-yellow bright flying object, which moved slowly and totally silently in its slightly wavy trajectory from west to east at a height of only about 4000 to 5000 meters and speed of approximately 50-60 km/hr, until it ultimately disappeared from our eyes over the eastern horizon behind the high trees of the forest, which occurred after about two minutes of observation time.

Spurred on by this impressive experience, our curiosity was naturally and quite properly fomented, causing us to carefully search the heavens for flying objects. Compared with aircraft, whose lights are well recognizable in the starry night sky, and whose engines or jets are exceptionally easy to hear in the quiet night, we saw in less than ten minutes eight faint luminous flying objects, which apparently must have been unmanned extraterrestrial telemeter discs.

It is estimated that these luminous objects flew in the 20- to 40-kilometer height range, and to be sure with non-flashing lights and in utter silence. Sometimes their trajectories were wavy or zigzag-shaped, and certainly they were not earthly aircraft or satellites. The altitude of the light objects was too enormous for the former and too low for the latter, because as we all know satellites must have a minimum altitude of 140 km.

Two of the observed objects, which appeared roughly the size of tennisballs, moved singly during our ten-minute observation period from north to south, two more from west to east, and two others from south to north. The last two we saw that night flew in exactly parallel flight and constant speed from northwest to southeast. From our point of view, the estimated distance between those two flying objects we reckoned as about 10 meters, which, when converted to the altitude of the objects, certainly had to have been several thousand meters. After this last observation it was fairly quiet in the brilliant night sky, therefore we only saw the glittering stars and the bright appearing moon. So, impressed by the experience, we went back into the house.

Already the next day, Billy had opportunity to ask Florena, one of his contacts from the Pleiades/Plejaren, then what it could have been -- the large whitish-yellow glowing object observed by us. The explanation was that this had been one of the Pleiadian-Plejaren beamships on a special flight, which had been flown by Florena's deputy Tauron over the Semjase Silver Star Center. This was at exactly 22:43 hrs, at an altitude of 4060 meters and with a speed of 52 km/hr. The direction of flight was from the west to the east or -- in map terms -- from Zürich to St. Gallen.

Actually, Venus was still visible, Mercury was well below the horizon.