Observation of Sudor's and Inobea's Beamship

Liberal Translation of Write-up by B. Brand
in FIGU Bulletin #37 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Nov., 2001)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

Sunday, 26 August 2001, 21:33-22:07 hrs

Observing persons: Billy, Freddy Kropf, Bernadette Brand and Silvano Lehmann

From the Contact Conversation of Billy Meier with the Plejaren, Sudor, Sunday, 26 August 2001, at 22:40 hrs

Billy May I ask one more question, Sudor? Your nod signifies "Yes." So then: At 21:33 hrs I observed a large luminous object in the night sky to the northwest, and for more than five minutes. Then the object moved to the north, where for a long time it remained hovering high above or behind the crest of the hills. It was then around 21:40 hrs, just as Freddy arrived in his car and said that at the beginning of his drive into the valley of Wila he had also seen the same bright object I saw. I am thinking that it could have been your craft -- your beam ship -- because it had exactly the form of your tub. For a long time Freddy and I observed the bright object, before he fetched his camera and started to photograph it around 21:58 hrs, and I hope that the photos will show something. Around 22:00 Bernadette joined us, as well as Silvano a minute later, who also observed the light object that disappeared twice briefly as aircraft approached, but then again brightly lit up. Shortly afterwards yet a second bright object appeared on the left; accordingly we have observed the two lights, of roughly football size, until 22:07, and so during a good five minutes. Then the ship on the left first disappeared, and then the other; all that was to be seen since 21:33 hrs with two or three short interruptions.

Sudor The first craft observed by you was mine. The second craft was Inobea's.

Billy And you showed yourselves simply unscreened?

Sudor No, that we did not do, because the viewing angle is open only to your Center.