A Life-Threatening Supersonic Boom

written by Bernadette Brand
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., 2001), pp. 199-200
as translated liberally by J. W. Deardorff, June 2011

The 18th of February, 1978, was a holiday in Schmidrüti, and as is still the custom in our town and in many places, three salutary shots banged into the sky in the early morning. Two or three seconds after the third salutary shot, an enormous thundering noise roared over our house top, which caused the entire house to shake down to its very foundation. Everything that was not nailed down clanked and clattered.

To Billy the whole thing appeared to be a sonic boom, which, as he explained to us, he had already variously experienced before. He had been a witness to such an event in the Persian desert when an old shed, which he had secretly abandoned before the thundering event, had been simply destroyed by such a sonic boom; it totally collapsed upon itself as if underneath a ghostly, giant hand. He credibly assured us, in consideration of the strength of the boom that had roared over our house, this must have been what happened at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, just as Billy had experienced it many years before in the desert.

That it did not come so far as to cause our Center house to collapse was because of the following. Billy's wife, Kalliope (whom Billy and we call "Popi," however), had for some days been in the hospital, where she had to undergo a surgical intervention. At that time Billy was concerned so much over her that he was under observation by Quetzal and Menara, who as a result were witnesses to the sonic-boom event and quick-wittingly took precautions, therefore, that we survive everything without harm. What happened was as follows: Quetzal and Menara had been situated in their beamship at a low elevation directly above the roof of the Center's house. After the two salutary shots in town they saw a triangular craft speeding towards them from the south, which, at the third salutary shot, hovered close over the house in order to shoot up into the sky, with double supersonic power, right after the third explosive bang in Schmidrüti. Quetzal, who had immediately recognized the evil intent, caused his own beamship to shoot down underneath to a height of less than 10 meters above our chimney, in order to intercept the gigantic and deadly blow from the triangular craft above, although this threatened to destroy Quetzal's ship. Luckily, however, the Pleiadian ship withstood the assault, whereby the wake of the blow was splintered and stormed down over the house, so that merely the acoustic waves themselves continued downwards, which however were still so strong that the whole house was caused to convulse.

Quetzal's intervention had not only spared our house, but also saved Billy, his three children, Elsi Moser, Oma Rose, Jacobus Bertschinger, Englebert and Maria Wächter with her two children Connie and Rolf, and myself, from certain death.

The ship that was chosen to destroy our Center and consequently our mission, came from the so-called Gizeh-Intelligences, who made it for mounting their dangerous and malicious attacks against us in the early years, so that, for their part, the Pleiadians had to intervene to create peace. On this morning, after a short pursuit, Menara eliminated the unmanned and remote-controlled beamship, which Quetzal knew had been the last of its kind in the possession of the Gizeh-Intelligences.

The source of Billy's information, and Bernadette's:
Excerpt from Contact Report No. 102, 21 February, 1978, 03:41 hours
from Wendelle Stevens, Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 4, pp. 334-37
The relevant portion commences after Quetzal's sentence No. 83:

Meier... Oh yes, I only wanted to tell you, on Saturday morning very soon having occurred something very strange. At Schmidrueti was a matrimony in this morning, and as is the case in many of our towns, some people sent different saluting shots into the morning sky. There had been three such shots, of which I could distinctly see the explosions occurring at Schmidrueti. After the third shot, but only two or three seconds later, suddenly roared up directly above the roof of our house, an immense thunderstroke, which roared down the chimney and caused the whole house to tremble to its basic foundations. All that was not clinched or riveted, clattered and rattled. The whole matter seemed to me like a supersonic stroke, as I felt before. For this now, the question, have you seen anything in this matter, if you and Menara had observed me during the whole night?

Quetzal... 84/This occurrence is known to us, because we shared in this directly. 85/Apart from this, it is very interesting for me, to listen from you what you term the supersonic stroke, as you say, or the explosion stroke, as such itself, as truly the matter dealt of such a thing. 85/How have you found this fact out?

Meier... Very simply, my son. As mentioned, I have experienced supersonic blows before, during one of which I nearly got damaged. At the time, I was inside of an old cottage on the Persian Gulf desert, near Zahedan. Suddenly a restlessness forced me out of the building and I left as fast as possible from out of it and hurried away. At about a distance of 150 meters, I suddenly heard the howling of a deep-diving jet plane, turned around, and saw rushing near at only a small height above the ground, a jet fighter machine. Only a few hundred meters from the dilapidated building, the devilish bird very suddenly shot up half inclined to the sky, flushed over the building -- and then a hellish crash rose up. Like a primary thunder, the sound rushed back over me, and then I saw, like in slow-motion time, that the dilapidated house merged down into itself, like destroyed by a ghost hand, while it somehow seemed to vibrate and the dust swirled up high. The huge thunder now of last Saturday sounded like this, as the supersonic stroke then, only this time being directly above me, and so above the roof of our house.

Quetzal... 87/Your description is very good. 88/What you have noted consists of the following: 89/Menara and I were staying at low height directly above your actual Center in a non-visible state. 90/Suddenly after the first explosion in the village, a triangular ship shot along, coming from the south, as the second explosion occurred. 91/At only about 60 meters above ground, it then floated for a short time above your dwelling house, only to shoot up at once after the third explosion in the village, by twofold supersonic power upwards into the sky. 92/To me at once was evident, what this doing had to mean, and acted so within a split-second. 93/Our ship shot forward, floating already within the next moment directly above the chimney of your house, at less than 10 meters of height. 94/Then the blow came down from high above, and threatened to scatter our ship, but which fortunately resisted the wicked force. 95/The huge suction stroke of the brake of supersonic speed fanned itself by the ship and hurried over the house away, while the acoustical waves continued downward in spite of all and hit as wicked power the house, by which it was shaken very much.

Meier... Then this has been our dear friends, the Gizeh-knaves, were they?

Quetzal... 96/That is right.

Meier... Then we have had a devilish luck. A very kind thanks for your great help. If you would not have been there, then namely our building would be gone, together with all of us who were inside: Elsi, Rose, Jacobus, the two children of Engelbert and Maria, as our children, too. Have you and Menara at least this time given a lesson to those lousy knaves?

Quetzal... 97/This has been the work of Menara. 98/The Gizeh-ship, an apparatus with remote control, the last kind they owned, was eliminated by us after a short pursuit hunt.

Meier... Oh yes, so you let crackle this object, haven't you?

Menara... 14/This occurred similarly, yes.

Meier... Thank you, my child. This delights me. Then similar attacks we likely have no more to fear?

Quetzal... 99/This for sure, because those undesired intelligences own no further ships of this sort. 100/But nevertheless we futurally will prepare ourselves for such and similar machinations, and be attentive. 101/Somehow these wicked ones must have analyzed the matrimony that day and connected that to this use, because every probability points to this, to have undertaken this attempt at your destruction, because there was known to them this use of explosions, and that to such an explosion would have been ascribed the destruction of your house and your all dying.