Northern Lights

Liberal Translation of Write-up by B. Brand and P. Keller
in FIGU Bulletin #30 (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: F.I.G.U., Dec., 2000)
J. W. Deardorff, April 2011

After the peace meditation on the 3rd Saturday of each month, this time it was 16 September 2000, we deal generally, after a brief pause, with Group internal affairs. As usual also on this Saturday after the meditation, we all rushed into the kitchen to obtain coffee, other beverages, sweets and fruits, in order to survive the coming hour intact. Usually this continues on then 10 minutes after the meditation, so till around 21:20 hrs. This evening Billy, Pius, Edith, who prepared a coffee for Billy, and I were delayed over something and still in the meeting place [the "carriage" house; see map, No. 8]. Billy, Pius and I, Bernadette, proceeded outside around 21:32 in order to go into the hallway of the house [see map, No. 9]. At the house square, Billy noticed a light between the trees. Pius and I stopped and likewise looked at the light moving from the southwest to the north, which I made out to be a speedy airplane. After a few moments, I went ahead and came in to the hall while Pius remained with Billy and observed the light further. Meanwhile, the two men went to the lower courtyard lamp [a few meters west of the fountain, see map, No. 17] and watched the light further.

After Bernadette left, Billy and I, Pius, further watched the light, which between the trees' branches shone even brighter. Apparently, it was in a slow climb and getting bigger. Edith, who also appeared in the parking lot and quickly had noted that Billy and I observed something, went to the courtyard lamp on the west side of the house and called us, that we should come there to better observe the light from there. We went quickly to Edith and well observed the large, bright light, next to which I had noticed a small, weaker light for a while that moved quickly. Suddenly Billy became attentive and said, "Look, there is one that belongs to the bright one!" Silvano and Patric Chenaux joined us and excitedly took notice of the two objects. At this moment Billy turned to me and urged me: "Run into the hall and bring the others!"

Hardly had I, Bernadette, taken my place in the hall, when Pius rushed up the stairs and shouted loudly, "Come quickly, there are ships in the sky!" No one of course wanted to miss out, and they all came pounding out together as quickly as they could from the hall and ran eagerly down to the courtyard lamp to see what there was.

Within seconds, virtually all the Core Group members stood on the concrete square in front of the west courtyard lamp and observed what was going on to the north. Now not only were there two lights to see, but already five, of which three were completely stationary. Two of them moved slowly and in addition, between them at least three aircraft moved on their courses in different directions. Of the five lights two seemed to gradually increase in brightness and radiance, while two more bright objects slowly approached them from the northeast, and in addition an eighth joined the other lights from the west.

Like a constellation they stood over the northern horizon: the one big and bright, while the others were smaller and lit up weaker. One of the two gradually brightening lights became still brighter and brighter, until it had increased at least six to ten times in intensity, and shone almost like a huge spotlight. "I haven't witnessed so bright and great a shining object for many years! This is the very way it was in the early days," one heard Bernadette say. Some of the lights that were previously stationary began to move slowly, and the one or the other began to flash in an aircraft-like rhythm.

Thereupon some of the Core Group members became upset, who thought it was only the headlights of aircraft, and they therefore soon departed rather than observe a small, dimly glowing telemeter disk that was moving at uniform speed directly overhead. "At least I'm sure that it is a telemeter disc," we heard Andreas say.

While part of the Core Group members wandered off the objects began to move, and first one then another suddenly disappeared from the scene until there were only two left in the sky other than the brightly beaming and gently pulsating great light. Slowly the radiance of this largest and brightest object diminished, and it appeared smaller and smaller. Finally, it was no longer brighter than the navigation lights of an aircraft, whereupon it quickly began to move into the distance and, as the last object, suddenly disappeared. Only the usual aircraft, which were quite rapidly moving across the sky, remained.

Behind us we could hear one or another say that it could have been only the headlights of aircraft, and that one can often see them recently since Swissair's arrival and departure flight lanes had changed. But what aircraft lights can you watch for a spanking ten minutes? And what aircraft light is so bright and strong in the sky, that you would think you were looking at a little sun? These details and the fact that the objects, in contrast to aircraft, for some time only very slowly or not at all moved from their positions, apparently escaped their skillful observations; the flashing of the objects on their flight paths quite apparently fooled those who left and didn't realize that the blinking interval was completely different from that of aircraft known to us. That it actually could not have been aircraft was confirmed by telephone on Sunday evening. Namely, Conny Gunz, the daughter of the girlfriend of Atlantis Meier, telephoned and told us that they, along with a colleague and other independent passersby of the Lorraine bridge in the city of Bern, saw a nighttime light spectacle in the northern sky on Saturday evening at approximately 21:30. Up to 20 more or less bright objects were involved, of which at least one was extraordinarily bright and large.

Billy asked her to write down her experience as a small report, and to make it available to us for public release, which she assented to. On 19 September Billy then asked Ptaah in a telepathic contact about the mysterious lights, because some of us were hoping that they could have been a demonstration of the Plejarens. Ptaah made it clear that they were not Plejaren ships we had seen, and he told Billy he would trouble himself for an explanation. A few days later Billy told us that Ptaah thought it possible the lights could have been the ships of Asina's people, whose spacecraft they still had not located, however.

Asinas was stranded with her ship on Earth in 1977 and was located thanks only to help from Billy; she was returned back to her home planet through the hard, creative work of Quetzal in repairing her outdated ship. At that time, her departure took place so hastily that Asinas did not have time to speak to Billy beforehand, although this had actually been planned.

On September 26, Ptaah then explained that he must stop work on the Semjase Block [Contact Reports] at 22:00 instead of the usual 23:00, because he had to attend to something. To finish the work, Billy went directly into his office and locked the door behind him, apparently because he expected Ptaah [to teleport in]. As he turned around, there stood Ptaah in the middle of his office accompanied by Asina, and Asina was beaming joyfully and with a hug thanked him from the heart for his help. During the following conversation it turned out also, that Asina's people, underway on an expedition tour with an armada of 21 ships, had stopped in on Earth just to thank Billy for his help. So it had actually been the ships of Asina's people that we had seen and which on that evening materialized just above Feldberg near Stuttgart, and gave us and especially Billy their impressive demonstration.

What an effective presentation as a simple "Thank you" -- yet it is for us to thank Asina for the spectacular demonstration, as for many years we have not been able to observe anything like that in the night. However, a downside is the fact that many could have watched the nighttime performance if the erring Earth people weren't so blind and prejudicially inclined throughout world history. Unfortunately everything that moves in the sky is still taken for aircraft, satellites or whatever, because one doesn't bother to make intensive observation and accurate interpretations; what a great pity.