Billy's Contact of 1 June 1981

by Eva Bieri
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 274-75
translated by J. W. Deardorff, July 2011
A previous translation is in Through Space and Time (Steelmark LLC, 2004), pp. 84-85

It was Sunday evening and we had been sprinkling our community garden up until around midnight, because for days it had been very hot and without rain. This night I had the midnight-to-03:00 nightwatch, and sat on the sofa in front of the house. Billy was still walking around a little and looking everything over. Also, young Rolf Wächter was still awake and sitting on a bench seat. When Billy came by the sofa where I sat, he told me he had a feeling that he would have to go to a Contact this night. When he then walked to the nearby forest, I naturally thought that he had gone by foot to his contact place. So I watched him until he had disappeared, and then peered up into the wonderful, beautiful star-studded sky.

After about 10 minutes I heard quite a faint yet clear sound from the forest into which Billy had disappeared. Rolf also heard it, stood up, came over to me and asked where Billy was. My answer was that I didn't know, and that he should therefore finally get to bed. He only asked whether I had also heard the sound. "Naturally," I answered, and I recognized the noise as the siren-sound of Semjase's or Quetzal's beamship -- something that I knew very well because in the previous year I was there at the tape-recording when Billy and some other people could take in the sound of Semjase's beamship, when it was not shielded against its emitted sound [see the event of July 18th, 1980]. However I wanted to make sure that Rolf did not know about that. Therefore he went into the house, and I thought that now he would surely go to bed.

However, I was led astray, for after another 20 minutes Billy came back and asked me who had been walking along the small pathway in the meadow, for he had seen someone when he had been sitting at the forest's edge. That could only have been Rolf, who had gone out through the back door to see what was making the strange sounds. Therefore the Contact did not yet take place. Instead, Billy woke up his wife, Popi. She had to take my place on watch, because I must now drive Billy [close] to the [new] Contact location in my car.

We departed, yet the trip did not last long, for we went only to Sädelegg, where Billy had already had several Contacts. We climbed out of the car and looked around, when Billy suddenly said, "Look, do you see something there at the edge of the forest?" I looked, and at about 300 meters distance I actually saw a bright, shimmering, large light whose brightness varied repeatedly.

It was Quetzal's ship. Billy told me I should sit on the bench under the tree at the parking place -- but then I didn't move from where I was as Billy strode towards the light. After about two minutes I again heard the well known siren-sound of Quetzal's ship, and, idiot that I am, I thought he had arranged that as a treat for me. That was naturally not the case, logically not. Billy explained to me later that from time to time when he steps into the craft its noise-shielding mechanism sometimes becomes operational too soon, whereby the siren-sound can be heard.

In any event,I remained standing as rooted to my spot, and did not trust myself to take a step forward, because I knew that the Pleiadians moniter it, and are not at all pleased if one approaches them too closely. Off and on I looked all around to see if anyone was approaching and if everything was remaining peaceful, which it was. One heard nothing, except the sound of a roebuck, which had apparently become frightened at something. Despite everything, I must have yawned widely several times before Billy returned 20 minutes later. As I heard his footsteps I intently observed Quetzal's ship, which during the past 20 minutes had stayed luminous. However, I saw nothing further except for the intense light of the ship which all of a sudden turned off.

Since Billy was back, we climbed back into the car and drove home, where I continued my night-watch duty, which I extended to 04:00 because I still had all kinds of office work to attend to.

Below is an extract from Contact #145 of 1 June, 1981, 01:10 hours, as translated from the German by Benjamin Stevens.

Billy: You're a little careless, Quetzal. From the parking lot up there, one can see that it is your ship down here at the edge of the forest. Especially the light is clearly visible.

Quetzal: 1. Besides Eva, no one is there, and should some stranger approach, then I will find out early enough..

Billy: Of course, but you opened the sound-absorbing shield too early. I just heard the rather loud buzzing.

Quetzal: 2. It didn't penetrate very far, but for what reason did you call me? 3. You did know, nevertheless, that I would come tonight.

Billy: Oh no, I thought that you had forgotten me because I was of the view that you were going to call me to yourself on last Monday.

Quetzal: 4. You're mistaken.

Billy: Then it's fine. I thought that something had already happened in a negative sense again. Since our last meeting, I have gotten to know all kinds of things that were rather unpleasant, despite the joy I also had on the other hand. .... [There follow 41 more sentences from Quetzal.]