Night Sighting at Hermatswil/Ravensbühl

by Jacobus Bertschinger
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 33-35
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

It was the 16th of June 1975, shortly after midnight, when we, that is to say, Hans Jacob, Margret Flammer, Olga Walder, Pauli Steiner, Amata Stetter as well as Margret Rufer and I, Jacobus Bertschinger, together with Billy left his house at Wihaldenstrasse 10, 8340 Hinwil. Several persons sat in Hans Jacob's car, and Billy and some others in my VW-Käfer. The background for this: We were sitting as usual in Billy's living room, discussing this and that into a late hour of this Monday night, when Billy, who is often also called Edi as appropriate for his name Eduard, suddenly looked somehow into the distance and listened. That lasted a moment and then he said that he must go out on a contact where he would meet with Semjase, the Pleiadian beamship pilot. We all could come together, and perhaps Semjase would give us a small visible demonstration in the night sky.

We could drive in the two autos, with Billy continuously receiving navigating instructions from Semjase, which he relayed accordingly to me through the night as we traveled towards the destination. Reaching our destination, however, took one and a half hours, which was quite normal because Semjase at times directed us back and forth through the countryside, before we finally arrived in the proximity of the contact place. So it was also this time. This time the destination was Hermatswil/Ravensbühl, where we parked the autos on a lane in the field and climbed out, while Billy went quickly along the lane, in order to go somewhere in the very dark night to a hidden spot where Semjase telepathically guided him. While we waited for his return and an eventual demonstration in the sky by Semjase's beamship, we occupied ourselves with surmises on when the contact would end and Billy could again be with us, and what the eventual demonstration would be like.

Hermatswil is a small hamlet, and naturally all its inhabitants at this time were sound asleep. Accordingly, we could assume that we would not be disturbed by any villager, and could eventually watch and enjoy a demonstration in the night sky. And scarcely had we sustained ourselves over such thoughts when we heard rapid footsteps coming along the lane. Naturally it was Billy returning from the contact with Semjase and now only a few meters away from us. That was the moment when, about 500 meters behind him, a bright light flared up in the night sky -- Semjase's beamship, behind which a long, thin vertical streak of ionized air was seen, which looked like a light beam; however it then suddenly and continually changed shape, as much in length as in width. As the direction of flight of Semjase's ship changed, a second light beam suddenly appeared, this time in horizontal orientation. As it then briefly changed direction anew, the second beam broke up and no more new optical phenomena appeared in the sky. The two light beams mutually ran into each other, forming an unmistakeable equal sided, strongly lit, chevron in the night sky, whereby the light was so strongly ionized that it caused the ground some 300 meters below to light up weakly. At first somewhat blurry, now the contour of the chevron became clear and sharply delineated. The whole structure was from our view several meters large and must therefore at its true distance have been of enormous size. The demonstration occurred with such great speed that Hans Jacob, who carried camera equipment with him, was unable to take even one photo of the spectacle. However, that he would also not have been able to do, though his camera had been ready for use, because he was obviously stunned and stared speechless at the spectacle.

In the meantime Billy had arrived at our group and could in any case yet take in a good part of the demonstration, before the chevron in its great size then silently remained standing in the dark night sky as its color changed to a milky white; how peaceful it appeared above us. Then the whole spectacle disappeared quite suddenly and only the black of the night sky was still to be seen, where some stars were vaguely visible. Therefore, we went again to our autos, which we had left a few meters away, climbed in, and drove back to Hinwil, in order to quickly prepare some coffee to enjoy, whereupon in the resulting conversation everything about the experience was discussed, naturally. So as morning dawned the new day found us sitting in our autos driving homeward to go to work, which we all must do.