Billy's Health Stroll

by Jacobus Bertschinger
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 213-14
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

On Sunday, the 6th of August 1978, Wendelle Stevens sat on the sofa in front of the house plaza -- the ex-lieutenant-commander of the American Air Force and dedicated UFO researcher, while Billy lay on the sofa in the living room the whole day, due to a severe cold. W. Stevens and I noticed, as we stepped into the living room, how Billy seemed to be straining to listen. After a few seconds he then said that he must go to a Contact with the Pleiadians, and go immediately. Therefore he got up and dressed for going out. It was 20:30 hours when Wendelle Stevens and I observed him leave.

Back in the house, then, we naturally looked forward to Billy's return, for which we still waited. Then, after about 40 minutes, the telephone rang, which jarred our thoughts. Kalliope, Billy's wife, who answered the call, summoned me and explained that Billy was on the apparatus and wanted to speak to me. Billy then informed me, and explained, that he was at the Krone Inn in Elgg, where I should go pick him up. He was in the neighborhood of Elgg, having been beamed out of Quetzal's spaceship in order to take a health stroll to the village because he didn't take enough care of his health and walked around too little. Therefore there was nothing for him to do but hoof it to the nearby town of Elgg, about a 15-minute walk, while the beamship glided along above him the whole time as a so-to-say umbrella, so that he wouldn't get wet. Once in town he went into the Inn in order to telephone from there, because the wireless set he took along with him did not have the necessary operational range to reach the Center's house station.

Naturally I explained that I was prepared to go fetch my friend in Elgg immediately, for if he wanted to walk on foot from there back to Hinterschmidrüti it would take hours. By foot the way would be around 16 kilometers [10 miles], and by road he would first have to drive to Winterhur and then Tösstal up to Wila, and then go the 6 kilometers up the hill to Schmidrüti. Therefore I drove with Wendelle Stevens as well as Kalliope to Elgg, where we found Billy in the Krone Inn drinking coffee, and he then explained the whole story to us.

Regarding the affair there is still the following to explain from the associated Contact Report No. 113. Around 20:31 hours Billy was beamed up into Quetzal's spaceship, whereupon a lengthy conversation took place between the two and Semjase, who also was present in the spaceship. Had Billy gone the 16km way to Elgg by foot, where we picked him up, it would have required at least two to three hours. However, even with his Mo-ped, which during his absence had been in its usual place at the Center, it would have taken at least 45 minutes for the trip. Even if he had gone only to Sitzberg by foot, in order to travel from there to Elgg by public transportation, going to the next town, Dussnang, would alone have taken at least 15 minutes. From Dussnang out he would either, with public transportation, have to travel a very complicated way, in order to get to Elgg, or he would need to have gotten a ride with a vehicle that was coincidentally traveling on this road around this time. Whichever way, he could not have traveled the distance to Elgg with the means available to him in a short time. Therefore it is clear that Billy could only travel to Elgg by the aforesaid ways and means, namely with Quetzal's beamship, which was also Wendell Stevens's opinion, who carefully examined the whole affair on the basis of the various routes and the very winding road conditions.


Relevant excerpt from Contact Report No. 113, Sunday, 6 August 1978, which commenced on 20:31 hours, as translated from the German by Benjamin Stevens. Note: On almost every contact the aliens (or Pleiadians/Plejarens) recorded the conversation verbatim, and a day or two later transmitted it to Billy Meier via some form of telepathic rapid typing for his right hand. Meier then makes the Contact Reports available in German. The numbers below refer to the sequential number of each sentence spoken by each Plejaren on this particular contact.

Quetzal: 84. Nevertheless, on your side, you should also help with this and hold yourself to my instructions. 85. Already quite often, I told you that long walks are of urgent necessity for you and that you need sufficient fresh air and movement. 86. However, you shouldn't go alone and recover yourself in this way but rather always only in company, for you have already become too susceptible to weakness symptoms and often collapse, in order then, perhaps, to remain lying there for hours, which could be dangerous for you, seen from a different point of view. ...

Quetzal: 135. That is of correctness; I didn't keep that in mind. 136. But now, my friend, I will drop you off somewhat out of the way in the woods, so that you will have to walk a little. 137. According to your appearance, you haven't followed my advice and haven't indulged in long walks. 138. But now, you are forced to walk a little, for your speaking device won't be sufficient in the calling distance for you to be able to call your friends. 139. Whether you like it or not, you will have to go into the village down there and use a wire speaking apparatus. 140. Please greet your Cannibal [Kalliope] and all Group members quite dearly and also give them good wishes, as is usual with you.

Billy: Gladly, my son, also greet yours for me. Ah yes, I am also to give you both the dearest greetings from all Group members.

Semjase: 41. I thank you very much, and I echo Quetzal's greetings and wishes.

Billy: Well then, okay. Bye together, and you are quite dear.

[Final Note: In sentence No. 85 above, Meier was instructed not to walk alone on his health walks, and on his involuntary 15-minute walk in to the town of Elgg he was actually accompanied by Quetzal watching over him from his (presumably invisible) spaceship, according to what Bertschinger learned from Billy.]